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The amount of time and effort I would need to put into taking care of myself after birth took me by surprise. I was so focused on what the baby would need that I didn’t expect how much I would need to be cared for as well.

Thankfully, before George arrived, I had assembled a postpartum care kit to make it easy on us once we got home from the hospital. Caitlyn has already detailed what goodies you should have on hand for the postpartum life, and we would all be wise to take her advice! This post covers what you might in order to properly take care of yourself physically.

To assemble our kit, I just used a wicker basket and arranged in it the items listed below. David was a HUGE help and always kept the postpartum basket stocked for me. We left the basket in the nursery so we could access it easily.

I wanted to make sure I really healed well and as quickly as possible, so I did my best to follow the guidance of my doctors and nurses. Having this postpartum care kit on hand helped me to do that without making me anxious about neglecting the baby.



Big, comfy PJs // Spoil yourself and get a brand new pair of PJs before the baby arrives. Make sure you get at least a size bigger than your pre-pregnancy size so you will be comfortable as your body readjusts.

Comfortable underwear // You don’t want to ruin the underwear you have and love, so go ahead and purchase a pack of the cotton, granny underpants and call it a day. That way, you won’t be disappointed if you have to throw them out. Also, you can just use the underwear the hospital gives you, because it’s mondo-comfortable.

Quality nursing bras // Give your girls some love and buy nursing bras that 1) fit properly, 2) are comfortable, and 3) give you some lift 😉

Belly band // Think you loved the belly band during pregnancy? You’ll love it even more to help keep your midsection in line as it transitions.

Belly Care

Postpartum Belly Balm

Homemade Tiger Salve for Stretch Marks

Breast Care

Lanolin // Trust me, your nipples will thank you for the pleasant attention.

Nursing pads // I used the reusable kind during pregnancy, but only the disposable kind can do the trick now. Find what works best for you and stock up!

Ice gel packs // Keep in the freezer for fast relief on the rough nursing days.

Down There Care

Big Kotex pads // I found these to be the most comfortable and efficient.

Padsicles // These are awesome. Take a Kotex pad and spread alcohol-free aloe vera gel on it. Top with a big tablespoon of witch hazel. Wrap in tin foil and put in the freezer. It both ices and soothes!

Ice packs

Boppy // I did not anticipate how much I would rely on my Boppy for sitting during those first two weeks.

Tucks with witch hazel // In case of hemorrhoids, these are excellent to have on stand-by.

Mama Bottom Spray // You can buy the good stuff or make your own. I have used both and love each of them!

Peri bottle // If you give birth at a hospital, they will give you your own peri bottle. Just make sure you bring it home with you!

Flushable wipes // These are vital for those first bowel movements when you can’t use toilet paper!

Epsom salt // The most glorious relief during the postpartum transition is the sitz baths you have to take. My doctors ordered me to take three of these sitz baths a day. Soaking in Epsom salts (or in homemade sitz bombs) helps the swelling and helps new moms to relax and unwind as well 🙂


Pain meds // Take whatever your doctor prescribes. I took extra strength tylenol for the first week after birth.

Stool softeners // Umm … just take them. You’ll be glad you did …

Lip balm // Breastfeeding takes its toll on your hydration,and you may find yourself with oft-chapped lips.

Natural face wipes // Let’s be honest, you won’t always have time or energy to shower or wash your face at the end of the day. These wipes are so convenient for a quick wipe down so that you can feel somewhat human.

What would you add, friends?


  1. Good to know! I’m getting all geared up with baby’s things and I had no idea what I’d need for myself. Thank you Olivia!

  2. You should probably have advertised this week as labor, delivery and postpartum week! You are rocking these posts. I love love this one. The bottom spray has been my favorite comfort this time around. I used dermoplast last postpartum period and that was glorious but I hated smelling like a doctors office all the time.

    Only thing I would add is a set of boobie tubes! They are excellent for the engorgement days. They’re still soft after you freeze them so they’re never uncomfortable once you shove them in your bra.

  3. I’m gobbling up/ pinning all these great posts this week!

  4. HA. I came here because –hello baby coming in April– but I was SO EXCITED to find your link for alcohol-free Aloe vera. I’ve been having a hard time half-heartedly looking for it. Thanks for taking the work out of it for a lazy motha.

  5. Thank you for this list! In all my planning for baby, I never thought about what I would need once I come home!!

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