DIY Postpartum Belly Balm

One of the strangest feelings I’ve ever experienced was the state of my midsection post-delivery. What was once occupied by a growing human who caused my organs to relocate was all of a sudden hollow. The lighten-ing feeling that accompanied this adjustment was almost more difficult to bear than labor itself.

In the weeks and months after giving birth, a woman’s midsection is in a state of limbo. The uterus begins to shrink back down to its not-pregnant size, and the skin in the stomach region sags due to its sudden loss of volume. As if postpartum life weren’t crazy enough, this sensation can cause discomfort, annoyance, and self-consciousness.

This DIY postpartum belly balm was my solution. Made with nourishing coconut oil and essential oils, the balm promotes skin and uterine toning.

I’ve been applying this balm on my belly twice a day since coming home from the hospital, and I have noticed quite positive results. I am nowhere near back to pre-pregnancy size, but I can tell that my stomach muscles are tighter, my skin is tightening up quickly, and my bleeding was minimal (which I attribute both to the balm and the placenta capsules).

I am a DIY novice; so trust me when I tell you that if I can whip up this concoction, anyone can.


  • 8 oz quality coconut oil
  • 150 drops* Copaiba essential oil
  • 100 drops* Geranium essential oil
  • 50 drops* Ylang Ylang essential oil

*these quantities seem high, but in reality, it only uses about an 1/8 of each bottle — also remember that it makes 8 whole ounces of balm, which, over 6 weeks later, I still have not run out of

What to Do:
  1. Melt coconut oil to room temperature
  2. Add the oils and gently stir
  3. Let cool, and store in a glass jar
  4. Apply to stomach twice a day

Have you ever used essential oils for skin health? Would you ever consider trying this? Let me know!


  1. Oh thank you for this! 🙂

  2. Thank for sharing this Olivia! I will be trying it… my second child belly (a year later) could use all the help it can get! 🙂

  3. Yet another reason I need to get into essential oils. Thanks for posting!

  4. Olivia, have you ever heard that if using essential oils that they should be stored in a dark container that diffuses light? I saw a story on Live Well and the lady who was making the concoction said to store it in a colored container to preserve the oils. Just thought I’d mention.

  5. May I know if there is any substitute for either copaiba or ylangx2 eo, please?

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