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We’re so happy to have you.  Thanks for stopping by!

We like to approach life as one big mountain climb to the heights of health, happiness, and holiness. We never really know what is going to cross our path, or when our way will be smooth or rocky. But it is always, always an adventure.

I’d like to share with you what I discover along the way. This blog is meant to be a conversation and a memory-keeper throughout our journey, where topics of discussion can range from the deeper look at faith, marriage, health, motherhood, and the culture, to the more shallow (but still necessary, I believe) chit chat about good household cleaners, clothes, recipes, and funny stories.

These are the things that make the journey worth it, right?

So as we venture on together to the heights, allow us to brief you on the basics of our fam-bam.

I am a middle school religion and art teacher turned work-from-home mom.  After graduating from college with degrees in Theology and Catechetics, I quickly returned back home and married the love of my life.  David works full time as a nurse assistant and he’s also in nursing school.  So things are pretty hectic around here most days.  We welcomed our first little boy, George, in May of 2014.  I learned a lot about pregnancy and labor as we awaited his arrival. We dabble in health and wellness, we dream of going off the grid and living in Ecuador, I pretend like I know what I’m doing when it comes to making a small space feel like home, I seek your help frequently and we really love this guy.

If you’d like to know more about us, then mosey on over here.

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You know the professional photos you see pop up on this blog from engagement, wedding, and maternity shoots?  Yeah, those beauties are from Drawn to the Image and Elizabeth Binette Photography.  Check ’em.