My heart almost skipped out of my chest…

…last night when I discovered this most recent gem from one of my favorite priests, Fr. Robert Barron.  Fr. Barron is a priest in the Archdiocese of Chicago and he heads up an evangelical ministry called Word on Fire.  Fr. Barron is one of the most effective and brilliant catechists in our current age.  He frequently records short commentaries on the culture: anything from popular books and movies, to current events, to modern criticisms of the Church.  I dare you to watch any video of his and not walk away with something to mentally and spiritually chew on; you will not be disappointed.  My college roommate/BFF/MOH can attest to my admiration of Fr. Barron’s work, for, each time she came home, she would find me cuddled up in my desk chair with a hot cup of tea, watching and re-watching any and all of Father’s commentaries on which I could get my hands.

I’m a fan.

Ergo, when, last night I was sheltered in the confines of Panera Bread (Dave needed to get out of the house to study and avoid distraction, I of course, tagged along (which, come to think of it, probably did not do much for him by way of necessary silence and an absence of interruption…)), I came across this video, I about fell out of my chair.

What was so utterly significant about this particular commentary?

Fr. Barron was commenting on Blessed Pier Giorgio Frassati.

If you are unfamiliar with my love for this man and saint, then read a little bit about it here; if you are familiar, then you will understand and believe me completely when I tell you that the biggest smile came across my face, I literally pushed Dave’s books from underneath his nose, ran over to his side of the table, pushed him over to make some room for myself in his chair, unplugged his headphones from his computer, plugged them into mine, tugged one earphone out of his ear and placed it into my ear, without batting an eye or explaining any of this animatistic behavior, and merely pointed to the screen.

He understood.

This video explains everything Dave and I admire about Frassati so eloquently and succinctly.  I only dream of being able to communicate the greatness of this man as well as Father relays it.  Fr. Barron hit the nail on the head.  His commentary on this great Blessed pinpoints exactly why David and I have had individual devotions to Pier Giorgio for so long, and why we chose him to be the primary patron saint of our marriage and family.  We want to live a life that follows Frassati’s example.  We desire not to settle for mediocrity but to reach the heights of happiness and holiness in this life, and of course, to reach the heights of Heaven in the next.

Please watch it.  Please pray for the canonization of Bl. Pier Giorgio Frassati.  He is a youth who wholeheartedly received Christ’s offering of a full life, grasped at the joy that the Father gifted him with in His creation, willingly served the poorest of the poor around him in humble charity, and suffered a most beautiful death comparable to Our Lord’s Passion.  Our world needs the intercession of this man.  Take it from someone who spends most of the hours in her day with teenagers- our young people need Pier Giorgio’s example and the grace of his intercession.  They are dying for this kind of greatness- it but only needs to be modeled for them.

So please: Watch.  Pray.  And journey to the heights.



  1. I just watched Fr. Barron’s video! Thanks for sharing! I was not familiar with him before. I have a new saint to explore! I LOVE that your blog is named To The Heights!

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