5 Household Items Worthy of the Splurge

Well, I don’t mean so much “splurge” as I do “loosen the purse strings a tad”.

Trust me, we are all about pinching pennies in any and every way we can around here.  Our groceries?  Wal-Mart brand, baby.  Most of our cleaning supplies?  Off-brand-roading all day long.  And for the most part, the off-brands fulfill our expectations just as well as the name brands would (thank God).  However, through the classic process of trial and error, we have found that some name brand products simply take the cake for living up to what they promise to accomplish. And even though the name brands cost a little extra, it’s worth it.

I have discovered that there are five items that we use in our little abode that, due to our saving via other products, we are able to splurge a bit on in order to actually save money and sanity in the long run.

Five Household Items Worthy of the Splurge

1. Windex // Frankly, the off-brand was useless to me.  Talk about streaks and residue galore.  Ideally, we are going to work our way to making our own cleaning products; but for now, only Windex will do for my glass because it is the only cleaner I’ve found to be compatible with paper towels.  Where the off-brand left our windows and mirrors looking dirtier/dustier than before, Windex actually makes them look…clean.

2. Coconut Oil // This is a big one for us for a few reasons: 1) It’s something we actually consume; 2) We use it all the time; and 3) The health benefits of coconut oil are outstanding, and we want to make sure we are reaping all of them available.  In our house, we not only eat coconut oil like it’s going out of style, but we cook with it, we put it in our coffee, we use it as lotion, we use it as a treatment for acne, etc. etc. etc.  But what would be the point of using coconut oil if it wasn’t in its richest form?  We have tested and tasted many a coconut oil, and we resolved that we like Tropical Traditions the best.  Dave prefers their brand because it is the most natural, and I prefer it because it just tastes better than the others.  (P.S. If you use this link to purchase anything from Tropical Traditions for the first time, they’ll send you a free book about coconut oil and its many benefits, and I’ll get site credit: win-win!)

3. Dishwasher Detergent // Newlywed blunder, this one was.  I thought I was being thrifty when I snagged the Wally World version of this, but in the end, it took us three rounds of washing before our dishes were clean.  Three rounds!  Let’s do that math.  More cycles through the dishwasher = more $$ for water and gas = time wasted and holes burnt in pockets.  Never will I ever again.

4. Mrs. Meyer’s All Purpose Cleaner // I’ve raved about Mrs. Meyer’s before and I’m going to keep tooting their horn because the wedded woman deserves it.  I like to use the gentle but effective cleaner on our kitchen and bathroom countertops, in our shower, and on our floors.  It’s easy on the harsher chemicals and smells fantabulous, all while actually cleaning the surfaces of our home.  Plus, I’ve found that it is more concentrated, and thus I have to use less of it at a time than any other all-purpose cleaner.  Stretch those dolla dolls bills!

5. Cream Cheese // Oh, cream cheese is not a staple in your house?  Shall I be ashamed to tell you, then, that the two of us alone go through one block of cream cheese per week?  Not at all.  We love this good source of healthy fats and David has taught me that there’s really nothing with which cream cheese doesn’t taste great.  A couple of weeks ago, I was shopping at Kroger and saw that they had one of their awesome 10 for $10 deals going down with their store brand cream cheese.  My mother-in-law had warned against using anything but Philadelphia, but I thought, “hey, it’s on sale, I’ll grab a few and see how it goes”.  Mother knows best.  The taste was different, and not a good different.  I will say, however, that I’ve made some soups with those packages of cream cheese since then, and it tastes wonderful when cooked down.  But on its own, not so much.  Philadelphia Cream Cheese all the way.

BTW, isn’t ‘splurge’ such a funny word?  The more I read it, the weirder it looks…

Ok but how about you?  Think my reasoning is ridiculous?  What items do you spend a few extra pennies on for quality’s sake?

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  1. I love Mrs. Meyers. Before my dishwasher days, I bought a thing of Mrs. Meyers lavender dish soap and frankly, I kind of hated it. I don’t know what I was doing wrong but it left a weird residue on my dishes. So I packed the dish soap away in my cleaning bucket and decided to use it never. Then one day my husband came home from Target with a few Mrs. M lemon dish soaps (dolla spot!) and I fell in love with them. So I’m back to the lavender dish soap (and my dishwasher… which I use generic powdered detergent in and haven’t had any problems… or maybe I do and just don’t know it?!?)

    Also? Mrs. Meyer’s fabric softener. I haven’t used fabric softener in years but decided to use it recently and don’t regret it for a second.

  2. Organic carrots taste far, far better than conventional. Usually I think that there is not a huge difference in flavor between organic/non, but I can absolutely tell with carrots!

    Sour cream. Daisy or Breakstone’s all the way. Store brand is never, ever as creamy and thick.

  3. When we got married, my Mom said the same thing about Windex too…the cheap brands just don’t cut it!
    I’ve heard a lot recently about Mrs. Myers…where do you typically buy it? :online or in a grocery store?

  4. Okay, I keep hearing a million and one things about the fantastic fabulousness that is coconut oil. I think you’ve tipped the scales for me, I am going to have to pick some up at WF today!

  5. Ah…I enjoy a good trip to the grocery store. Sprouts is our number 1 right now. I’d say organic anything. I do have a tough time buying the $17 organic chicken, instead of the $5 one though. And craft beer. =) I will gladly drink cheap wine though. I did jump on the whole make your own cleaner train somewhat. I made an all purpose/window cleaner with vinegar/Dr Bronner’s and a little water and I use it for everything.

  6. I love your bit about cream cheese! Yes it really does taste great with everything..for me it makes those raw veggies taste a little better! 😉

  7. HI there, I’m Liv too (from Sydney Australia), also an artist but not a teacher (yet)….And I love my faith too. Hubby and I also met at a Youth conference (1999) but it didn’t take us quite as long as you and Dave, we married in 2001 and have 4 littlies…..so get cracking sweat pea and we’ll have even more in common. Nice to “meet” you.
    Liv xo

  8. Alcohol, coffee, Cascade, Mrs. Meyer’s, organic milk and meat…and ice cream. Life is just too short to eat cheap ice cream.

    I’m a cheapskate toilet paper buyer though, and I regularly bring home store brand paper towels, as long as they can be torn into ‘make your own size’ squares, because I have severely OCD cleaning parameters. Oh, maple syrup – real maple syrup – is just as good when it’s Wally’s brand. And it’s slightly less ghastly to shell out $6 as opposed to $8 per bottle.

  9. Cream cheese is a must!!!! We just got some more over here haha

    I found you on the blog hop, and am now following. ^_^


  10. Brawny paper towels. Get the “select a size” with 3 small sheets instead of one large one. You will never, ever, ever buy another brand, even name brand!, of paper towel again. Oh lawdy. I kinda wanna hug that lumberjack dude I love him so much…

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