Things Get Weird Here at the Homestead…

Linking up with Hallie for my five favorite “weird” health finds.

Growing up, I was never really interested in “health and wellness”, per se.  I was a very active athlete and that kept me in shape all the time, so I ate what I wanted (McDonalds, shame) and didn’t give my inner health much thought.  Then, I married into a family of health and fitness fah-reaks and my whole outlook changed.

Over the years, I have learned so much about the importance of inner health and prevention from the hubby and his clan.  And is it just me, or is there something about getting married and desiring children that makes one want to be around to watch their grandchildren and great-grandchildren grow up?  Point being, I want to be a good custodian of my body and I aim to do everything in my power (which is trumped by God’s, obviously) to be around for a good long time.

Plus, in the here and now, I need good amounts of energy.  I need to feel well so I can be the best wife and teacher I can be.  I hate being sick.  And let me tell you, breathing the air of 100+ tweens a day, who are trying to figure out the whole hygiene and ‘not sneezing in your hand and then touching me’ thing, threatens to take me down real quick.  So I have to be on my guard lest I be constantly absent from their glorious presence due to Lord knows what sickness they bequeath me.

Thus, I give you my five of my favorite health products (?) that I once thought were weird (and still kind of do), but that I now realize have benefited me in monumental ways.

– 1 –


It looks weird, doesn’t it?  I know what you’re thinking.  What the h is that gross floating thing?!  That mushroom looking thing on top is called a SCOBY, which is a colony of live bacteria.  Again, don’t worry, it’s the good bacteria that your belly needs!  The liquid?  It’s sweet tea!  See, not too weird!  The sweetened (with natural cane sugar) tea and the SCOBY ferment (yes, ferment, but trust me when I tell you that it has such a low alcohol content that I would have to drink the entire jar in 20 minutes to feel the slightest buzz; so don’t get any ideas…) over a brief period of time, producing a probiotic-packed brew.  I used to make this stuff in the dorms in college, and my household sisters would always joke that I was going to get kicked out of school for brewing alcohol in the dorms (sorry, Franny-land!).  Anyway, I encourage you to not be afraid to try it.  It replaced my longing for a carbonated soda and it’s a nice change up from water.  I would explain more of the numerous health benefits and tell you how to make it, but Katie has already done it more eloquently and succinctly than I could ever muster.

– 2 –

Coconut Oil

It seems that the rest of the world is starting to jump on the coconut oil bandwagon, which is terrific.  Even Dr. Oz has chimed in on its benefits.  And you can use it for anything, really.  We have replaced all vegetable oil and canola oil with this stuff.  We cook with it (eggs, chicken, anything), we fry with it, we use it on our skin, we put it in our coffee, I use it in my hair, we use it to tan, etc. etc. etc.  Want to know more about this gem?  If you order a product from Tropical Traditions (where we get all of our coconut oil because it’s the best), and have never ordered from them in the past, you will receive a free book on Virgin Coconut Oil!  Do you use coconut oil yet?  Feel free to share recipes or uses!

– 3 –


Plants need chlorophyll and so do people.  Chlorophyll gives your immune system a jolt.  Put it in water and it tastes minty!

– 4 –

Essential Oils

I like these because they smell nice.  But that’s only half of it.  These essential oils (that Hallie talks about, too!) serve various purposes depending on the oil.  My favorite uses are: lemon in my water (because it makes water less boring (ok and it also helps purify the bod)), oregano in my water when I’m starting to feel sick (oregano boosts your immune system like-whoa), lavender on burns (and I burn my hand on the oven or curling iron almost daily), and peppermint on my temples when I have a headache and in my water when my throat hurts (it soothes).  Do you use essential oils?  What are your favorites?

– 5 –


My mother-in-law always says that if there is one health product everyone needs to be taking, it is probiotics.  She is adamant about this, and for good reason.  Most of the time, if you have a healthy gut, the rest of you will be healthy, too.  Like I mentioned with Kombucha, these probiotics supplements feed your body the good bacteria it needs to fight off the bad crap!  And, my favorite- these help with my energy levels as well.

Would you ever try these, or are they too weird for you?   Do have any “weird” health habits you care to share?  Hit me up!


This post contains affiliate links.  If you order any products through clicking on the links in the post, I will receive a small compensation, and I thank you from the bottom of my teacher-salary heart! 

Also, I feel as though I need to make this disclaimer: You know I’m not a doctor, right?  Ok good. 😉


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  1. I just stumbled across your blog yesterday and I’m truly in love! First, I’m a fellow Pier Giorgio fan myself! Second, I’m also stepping into the health-nut status myself. I have a long way to go. I just started using homemade cleaning products (with essential oils) and will be making my own soap soon too. We’re slowly trying to move to only eating “real food” but again, that is a long and slow process! I’ve been wanting to try kombucha and/or kefir as well. Oh and coconut oil! Yes, love it. I haven’t tried cooking with it just yet, but I’m eager to!

    • Kate, I’m so glad you stopped by and that you’re enjoying it! Pier Giorgio is truly the best.
      And making your own cleaning products? I’d say that’s pretty advanced- I haven’t even gotten close to that! Ha!
      Kombucha is so good and coconut oil is great! And I forgot to mention that I use it in baking all the time! 🙂

  2. Ok, I think I might need to try a few of these things. Are there any side effects to any of this?

    • I haven’t noticed any side effects (except ease in to the coconut oil to avoid a rumbly tummy)- but since you’re breastfeeding I would search these terms at for Katie’s articles- she knows way more than I do about this! Hope it helps 🙂

  3. I LOVE this post! My degree is in Kinesiology as a Fitness Specialist…so even though I’m not currently working (and won’t be for awhile once this baby comes and we continue growing our family) I am super passionate about fitness and wellness. I discovered coconut oil this year and have recently started using chia seeds in a lot of foods – and I am hooked! Your post gave me some good ideas so thank you for sharing!


  5. Okay, I’m SUPER curious about kombucha and have been for a while – are there any brands that are worthwhile to buy before I try brewing my own?

  6. I need to be better about using my essential oils and coconut oil to their potential! I always forget about them, so thanks for the reminder!

  7. I’ve been wanting to make Kombucha for a long time now. Need. to. do. that. ! Also I’ve been meaning to stock up on those essential oils.

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