Move Over, Yoga Pants {a White Plum Giveaway}

For those of you who love a good spoiler, there is a terrific White Plum giveaway below, and you magnificent readers can get 20% off your order with White Plum until 10/24 using the code TOTHEHEIGHTS. Don’t miss out, friends!

Shortly after our boys were born, Nell and I exchanged emails serious-joking about how our current fashion consisted of nothing but nursing bras and spit up. We were in the thick of postpartum recovery and to be honest, I never wanted to get dressed. On the rare occasions that I did get dressed, I would throw on some maternity yoga pants, one of Dave’s tshirts, throw my hair on top of my head, and run out to Kroger while praying I didn’t see any of my former students.

Postpartum life is one for the books.

Then I went to The Hundred Event in Dallas this August and snagged a cute and comfortable pair of leggings from White Plum, who generously contributed some of their merch to us attendees. I had heard about White Plum before, but their sweet gift made me take a closer look at their brand and their clothing. White Plum’s founder, Hilary, was on a TV show called “Dance Your Ass Off”, so we’re pretty much kindred spirits. Except I dance mine off alone in my bedroom like a fool while she did so in front of millions like a superstar. Also, she starred in a “Made” episode on MTV, which was a scheduled extracurricular activity of mine in high school, and this made me like her story even more. Anyway, once Hilary’s dancing career turned into juggling family life, she channeled her creativity into making fashionable, affordable, and comfortable clothing for women and moms. White Plum went from a creative outlet to a full-blown business very quickly, and if you’v ever seen their stuff, you understand why.

As soon as we got home from Dallas, I tried on the leggings I scored and can I be honest with you? I didn’t take them off for a long, long time. Embarrassingly long. Dave said I probably shouldn’t tell you how long.


^See? You really can wrangle babies while sporting quality gear. Hilary’s vision in action, people.

It’s just that their leggings are more comfortable than you can imagine. They are soft, stretchy, and forgiving (especially of the postpartum body). And from that moment on, the leggings replaced my maternity yoga pants. Now, not only am I able to be comfortable in clothes, but because the leggings are so stinking cute, I actually look put together when I make a Target run.

From one girlfriend to another, you must go check out White Plum’s legging selection. I’m embracing Fall and Winter because my legs are dressed and ready. And their sweaters? So adorable. I would totally go with this one or this one. I’ve also been eying these for a while and am just waiting to convince Dave that there actually is room in our closet for more of my shoes.

Now, back to these leggings.


When the sweet ladies at White Plum sent over more leggings for me to add to my arsenal, I really did dance my tooshie off because I can dress them up or down. I’ve worn them with a plain tshirt to visit the post office and I’ve worn them with a nicer dress for a wedding. They are perfect for the seasonal transition or the postpartum transition post-baby. Also, they’d be really great to wear for the Thanksgiving transition, if you catch my mid-drift.


White Plum is generously giving away a pair of leggings to one of YOU! The winner will get to choose her (or his, I guess …) pair of leg companions and I might love it a little bit if we end up being twinsies. But it’s your choice.

ALL of you can receive 20% off your order with White Plum until 10/24 using the code TOTHEHEIGHTS.

The ‘copter is below, waiting for your entry.

The best of luck to you; now shake a leg. 😉

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  1. Oh those blue ones are seriously cute. I honestly don’t think I could pull off patterned leggings (I have one patterned skirt that I love but everything else is solid and mayyyybe some stripes, hah!) but honestly, I’ve been eyeing their fleece lined leggings for a while. 😉

  2. File this under things I didn’t know I needed till now. Major toss up between the leopard print ones and the reindeer ones… You know… For Christmas 😉

  3. Every single ONE! And thanks for the shout out. Right now I’m in my bathrobe and sweats. A notch down from yoga pants. Clearly I need to win 🙂

  4. Did I mention how cute you look in these pics?? And thank you for running this for us!

  5. Need! I’m so happy Nell shared these with me a few days ago, but I might need to use the coupon right now =)

  6. I do not know if I can do patterned leggings but they are so pretty I’ll certainly try! 🙂

  7. Olivia, I’m going to die. You look so MODERN!

  8. Man they’ve got some pretty darn adorable options! I’m loving your navy/white pair–looks so warm and cozy!

  9. I recently bought my first pair of white plum leggings and am in love. They are so comfy, they are very forgiving, and they don’t cut in weird places. They just fit. Wonderfully! So, thank you for the chance to win another pair plus a discount!

  10. LOVE!! Thanks for working with them for a discount! I finally took the plunge and ordered some printed leggings!

  11. Hmmm I think the High Sierras you have or the Vintage Bouquet for spring + summer.

    Thanks, Olivia! You look great!

  12. Gosh, these are so cute!! I love the blue and white ones you’re wearing, but I’m also loving the b/w sweet hearts too! So many great prints.

  13. “Dave said I probably shouldn’t tell you how long!” Love it. Love the men behind these blogs! – And yes I’m totally into the woman/mom friendliness of White Plum at the moment…it just makes me feel…remembered.

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