My Winter Mom Uniform

My life could be categorized by uniforms. When I was little, I loved my long night gown and slippers and wore them faithfully every night like the old lady I am. Because I went to private school, my adolescence was peppered with white collared shirts and navy or khaki pants. When I was traveling abroad in college, I sported the same yoga pants and hoodie on every train I boarded. And after having George, I pretty much live in these leggings as my body returns to its non-baby-growing state.

As the weather has gotten (kind of) colder here, I’ve turned to what I’m dubbing as my winter mom uniform. It’s comfortable enough to play on the floor with George, but put-together enough to run errands without looking like a hoodlum.

Wanna see?


sweater: from ecuador

jeans: c/o mom (from kohl’s i believe?)

diaper bag: lily jade

boots: macy’s (several years ago)

glasses: c/o firmoo

You’re probably noticing the glaring omission of a jacket but you want to know something? I haven’t really had to wear one recently. It just hasn’t been that cold here yet (I’m jinxing us! I know it!) and when you’re lugging around a 7 month old who weighs more than his 21 month old cousin + car seat baggage, you work up a sweat that begs for some brisk winter air.

The sweater is one I bought during my time spent serving in Ecuador. It’s super comfortable and maybe I live in a dream world but I kind of think it looks a bit festive for this time of year? So it helps me ease into holiday mom-status while supporting my pretense that I actually am still really cool.

Is it working?

Now I must take a moment and pat myself on the back for wearing these heeled boots as much as I have. It’s a thicker heel so it’s more sturdy than a stiletto would be when carrying heavy objects (see two paragraphs above), yet still encourages better posture and makes me feel more put together.


I was stoked when Firmoo sent me the pictured glasses that I’d been e-lusting after for a while. I’m not sure if it’s the shorter days aka more darkness in the morning or the cozy nature of the holiday season, but whatever it is, I wear my contacts much less frequently during the winter. I love my old pair of glasses but needed a prescription update. Until recently, I had always bought my frames and lenses from my eye doctor’s office, sometimes dropping upwards of $250 for a pair of glasses that would need to be updated in a few years because my eyes = crazy bad. When I discovered Firmoo, then, it seemed a little too good to be true. Their glasses are very fashion-forward and they cover a wide range of prescription needs, and you can get most all of their items for under $50. I was anxious to give their glasses a test run to see if the quality was as low as the price. I was super pleasantly surprised. The glasses fit my face extremely well and don’t slide down the bridge of my nose when I’m reading (glasses-wearers of the world, you know exactly what I’m talking about). The really are as cute in person as they are on the screen and so far they have stood up to many a-George grab-and-pulls. Any future familial eyewear needs will be taken care of by Firmoo. I’ve been really impressed by their commitment to quality and their customer service. And those two things are hard to come by these days.

Do you have a “uniform” that you stick to during certain times of the year? What are you most comfortable in?


  1. You look adorable! I’m struggling with finding things that look put togther during postpartum. Pants are just so weird and I feel like my size is constantly shifting. Also, I’m very, very tempted to buy a lily jade bag with my christmas money. So tempted…but then I wonder if it’s worth the money. Do you like yours?

  2. You look cute!
    I love uniforms. My perfect life would be one of minimalistic wardrobe simplicity, naturally allowing for … new style because … the old stuff might need it, right? 😉
    But, you are better at this than me, so my ideas are probably ones you have already have had, however, I do like looking at more natural materials, like (you can laugh) getting a fleece in a color an animal donating to the cause would naturally be, etc. As in, I do own a white (polyester) fleece vest.
    AND … okay, so … no pressure, this is just ‘the example’ this is a link to a pair of pants I bought in the last month that actually is like they say in the reviews, “the secret sweatpant.” The way the seam is on the outside of the leg is even slimming, not to say, okay enough to look like pants. One has to get them a size smaller than normal however, because they do stretch out a lot throughout the day.

    It’s a constant striving for perfection.

  3. In transition to post partum too! So hard since so much of my maternity wear isn’t nursing friendly so right now it’s a game of finding what fits to nurse in. So yoga pants and t shirts…

  4. My momiform: Leggings/jeans, hunter boots, oversized sweatshirt or grandpa sweater, scarf…everyday!

  5. Super cute combo!! This mom has been sporting jeans with boots and a cozy sweater and scarf most days. Simple, comfy, and cute for this similarly busy mom! No need for a jacket lately here in Texas either. 🙂

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