Slobbery Blobbery {a Whole Parenting Goods Giveaway}

We have been beaten, bruised, and curled up in the corner of the teething ring over the past two weeks as George’s bottom two bitters have popped through. He started showing signs of teething a month ago but only recently made real progress. One of these signs was the endless amounts of slobber. Oh, the slobber. The poor kid never had a dry face no matter how many times his rookie mom wiped his mouth and chin and apologized to whichever poor soul was keeping them company at the moment. He went through too many outfits each day because his spit would literally leave the entire fronts of shirts soaked. Our laundry piled up faster than my insanity. And the chewing? The boys wants to chew on everything that comes within five inches of his mouth. The chewing, of course, produces more slobbering, more laundry, and thus more insanity (for mom).

Enter the bandit bib.


You all know Nell, right? She’s the genius behind Whole Parenting Family and Whole Parenting Goods. She’s lawyer-extroidanaire turned super SAHM and she and her brood live in her family’s 100 year old house that belongs dead up in a magazine. In some ways I feel like Nell is a big sister because she and I are kindred spirits and I seek her parenting advice to the point where she’ll probably start charging me soon.

Nell runs a gorgeous Etsy shop that I first discovered through Grace and continue to slobber over myself. She sources local fabric as much as possible (love it) to create adorable goodies. She carries the snuggliest baby/kid blankets and the most adorable knitted scarves. If we ever have a little girl, you better believe I’ll be picking up this and this. Nell also recently added BABY LEGGINGS to the shop, so prepare to oohh and ahh for at least 10 minutes. At least.

And the bandit bibs, right? Our saving grace. When I got fed up with changing George’s outfit fourteen times a day and my fingers were prunny from his constant gnawing, I snagged a bandit bib from Nell’s shop and George has worn it practically every day since.


^We start them on the good stuff young in Kentucky. Just kidding, obvs.

The bandit bibs fasten with velcro in the back because Nell’s a mom and knows first-hand the perils of buttons and snaps. The bib protects George’s outfit from the liquid onslaught all while giving him something to chew on right in front of his face. Everybody wins. I so appreciate the design of these bandit bibs because not only are the patterned fabrics super cute, but the backsides are made of sweet. soft material that will feel good against baby’s neck/face/wherever it ends up. Nell is someone who is set on providing quality in all goods or services she provides, and these bibs are no exception. Ours have held up in the face of oral hurricanes and newly sharpened teeth, and they still look good as new.

Since Nell will be the patron saint of sweetness, she’s giving a bandit bib to one of you lucky sons of a gun!


You know how to drive a rafflecopter, right? Hop to it! And may you be victorious.


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  1. I’m sure everything is really useful, but in my 26 week pre-baby state, the eye pack looks particularly heavenly!

  2. I love the elk baby leggings! Nell has beautiful items in her shop.

  3. Just a few weeks away from having my 2nd baby and this will definitely come in handy!!

  4. I basically want everything she makes. I’ve been eyeing things in her shop long before I ever knew her in the blog-world (let alone the catholic blog world!). The minky blankets look absolutely heavenly and I love the contoured burp cloths.

  5. Everything looks wonderful! I would love one of the large minky blankets, the owl gray color, to use as a playmat. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  6. Love love LOVE her leggings. They are adorable.

  7. Leggings are on the top of my list right now!

  8. Leggings!

  9. I love those leggings! 🙂

  10. I love the bibs and all of the different patterns she has on Etsy. And…the blankets are adorable. What a cute shop!

  11. SUCH A GREAT IDEA!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Love the vintage horse bandit bib. Cutest pattern Evar.

  13. Leggings for baby boy coming in December! So many manly patterns!

  14. I love the skirts! Especially the fancy baby skirt.

  15. Her plaid skirts are just the thing for Fall and Winter. Hoping to get one for one of my girls!

  16. I think I like the “shapes and balls” bandit bib best – so cute and would definitely hide stains! Our girls haven’t been droolers but our boy was hoooorrible and with another boy arriving any day, I could definitely use some bandit bibs!

  17. I have my eyes on the purple and gray cowl scarf.

  18. I’m so in love with her new leggings. Trying to decide which pair to pick for Simon’s Christmas present…

  19. Also – pinned this bad boy on Pinterest. I really want to win!

  20. I love the organic elk leggings!

  21. Shared on facebook 🙂

  22. I change Polly’s bibs hourly. Definitely need some bandit bibs here!

  23. The Aqua bandit bib! Love!

  24. Love the orange geometric bandit bib. And also the leggings! Thanks for hosting this giveaway!

  25. Top of my wishlist is a bandit bib, because holy teething hell over here with my six month old girlie! So. Much. Drool. 🙂

  26. I’m deff going to get some of these bibs. I’m pretty sure my almost 3-month-old is getting a tooth.(Apparently getting teeth early runs in my husband’s family.) So, ouch, not looking forward to nursing after that happens. Thanks for hosting this giveaway!

  27. I personally want Nell to make *me* leggings, but I’ll settle for some mini ones. Also her bandit bibs are the best!

  28. I have a slobbery 5 month old baby boy myself so a bandit bib would be awesome!

  29. With a teething babe, I’m eyeing tthe bandit bib for sure!

  30. Vintage horse bandit bib

  31. Goodness, how can I choose? The flannel skirts and the minky blankets are probably my favorite, although I couldn’t possibly choose a color 😉

  32. I love the bandit bibs and the leggings.

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