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In our house, we’ve been making a concerted effort lately to read more. Dave and I both enjoy reading, and it is something that we have let slip out of our routine in the busy-ness of work and school. We both feel much more rested, confident, rejuvenated, and relaxed when we shut off screens and simply read for the last 30 minutes before bed. No amount of last minute work or studying is worth the soul-enjoyment we receive from diving into a good book.

Since we’ve been scheduling in reading time for the end of the day, I’v been able to work my way through many books recently. I thought I’d share with you what we’re currently reading in case you fancy a good book recommendation 😉


  1. A Mother’s Rule of Life – I’ve read this book before and recommend it as a pregnancy resource, and I’ve been skimming through it again. It was profound for me while I was pregnant, and it is even more meaningful and practical now since the baby has arrived. This a fantastic book for any woman who is longing for order, balance, productivity, and leisure in her home. The author provides simple solutions and step-by-step instruction for determining and executing your family’s own Rule.
  2. Man’s Search for Meaning – This is Dave’s book of choice. At the end of a long day at work and a seemingly endless night of studying, he chooses to dive into some intense philosophy. We both read this book in college as part of our Philosophy of the Human Person class and loved it. The author, Viktor Frankl, was a slave of the Nazi concentration camps. In this book, he discusses the meaning and value of suffering and how human drive is the result of what we find truly meaningful. This book stirs my soul, makes me cry, and ignites in me the desire to be a saint.
  3. The No-Cry Sleep Solution – A dear friend recommended this book to me after my long, hysterical account of The Boy Who Won’t Sleep. She and I have similar parenting styles, so I immediately ordered it upon her suggestion. I’m only a few pages into it, so while I cannot yet personally vouch for its advice, I have high, high hopes for its method’s efficacy. Desperate hopes.
  4. God Loves You – And George loves this book. Every night, Dave bathes George and reads him this book before we put him down for the evening while I clean the kitchen and set up for the next morning. The book has bright colors and a sweet message, so it’s perfect for George’s age. He’s heard this sucker be read to him a thousand times and still smiles at the 2-D characters.
  5. Blog, Inc. – At the referral of a few bloggers I deeply respect, I picked up this book. I really want this space to be an enjoyable one for you, so I’m up for educating myself further on what makes a great blog great. This book literally starts from the beginning and describes the process of starting a blog. But then it details building content, engaging your audience, protecting your blog, blog/life balance, monetization, and collaborations. I’ve loved it so far and I even take notes 😉 So if you’re a blogger, I can’t type highly enough of this resource! Get it!! (or not, totally up to you)
  6. How to Sew a Button – My grandma gave me this wonderful book after she saw my eyes light up as I was flipping through it at her house. This is such a fun read and I keep it on my nightstand so I can read a random chapter each night. It’s basically a guide to being the most awesome wife-mom-chef-friend-host ever and how to do everything. From instructions on basting a turkey to the proper way to introduce friends, it covers all the bases and is full of tips that you might not otherwise have thought about. This would make a wonderful gift for a girlfriend, sister, or daughter! There’s also a guy’s version which I’ll be picking up for someone for a near special occasion …
  7. The Truth of Catholicism – I’m a theology major, and lately I’ve had an unquenchable desire for academic studies. Thus, I’m going through all the books I read for classes in college and working my way through them again. This particular book discusses the main controversies in Catholicism, explaining why Jesus and the Church teach what they do. In our current world of confusion, and where the Church is so often misrepresented in the media, this book is great to have on hand for me to brush up on my apologetics.

That’s it on our end! Tell me, buddies, what are you reading?


  1. How to blog for profit without selling your soul by Ruth Soukup is considered the top book for monetizing bloggers – I highly recommend it!! (And can kindle lend it to you if you’re interested)

  2. You’ve got a great stack of reads there! I’ve been attempting to do the same lately — turning off the screen for some time to stick my nose in a good book. I just finished two good books: “What Alice Forgot” by Liane Moriarty and “Boys in the Boat” by Daniel James Brown. The first is a novel about a woman who hits her head and wakes to find that she has lost 10 years of her memory…and things have changed drastically! The second is a historical novel about the USA men’s crew from the 1936 Olympics. Very well told! Highly recommend both.

  3. It’s taken me a week to finally get to reading this, and I love it. I have MROL, NCSS, and I’m super interested in your other books. Also, the intentional habit of reading for 30 minutes before bed? LOVE. Going to work on that.

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