Time to Sew Some Seeds [GIVEAWAY]

When I was in college, I noticed a rising trend among many of the girls on campus. I began seeing multiple ladies carrying adorable cross-body messenger bags that were unlike anything I’d come across before. They were so stylish. Each bag was unique, yet the style of the bags was organic. So I figured these girls must be getting their bags from the same place. But where? When I finally approached a friend about the origin of her tote, she informed me that it had been handmade by one of our other friends, Alex.

I was surprised by that response because I hadn’t previously been aware of Alex’s extreme talent for sewing and her creative eye, but that all changed very quickly. Her bags spread like wildfire; we couldn’t get enough! We certainly kept her little fingers busy over those four years.

Now, six years, a husband, and a baby later, Alex has expanded her hobby into quite a business. Her Etsy shop, Sewing Seeds Creations, now contains various inventory like the original messenger bag, backpacks, bow ties, hair bows, and banners for different occasions. In the near future, the shop will also offer more diaper backpacks, a line of church totes, and a ‘thank you’ banner that can be used for a variety of occasions (like a wedding – have you seen those cute pictures on Pinterest?!).


Alex also offers the option of custom ordering. You can chat with her to determine your desired style, color, and contents through the Etsy shop. Alex is a dream to work with: she is mindful of your vision, interested in your needs, and diligent when it comes to satisfying her customers. I can personally attest to the quality of these products. Alex takes great care to ensure the durability and longevity of these items. They’ll hold up through all your adventures!

A part of me wants a little girl right.now so I could scoop up these precious headbands; and the pendant banners are just to die for.

Speaking of …


Alex is generously giving away a ‘Happy Birthday’ banner to one of you lucky readers! This banner is an easy yet festive way to decorate for the birthdays in your family. The banners are simple to hang and don’t require a lot of fuss in order to transform the feel of a party space.


For the duration of this giveaway, Alex is also offering a 10% discount for To the Heights readers with the code: HEIGHTS10. Isn’t she so sweet? You’re too good to us, Alex.


So check out the beautiful goodies of Sewing Seeds Creations, and get your rafflecopter on. Giveaway ends next Monday, so don’t delay! Good luck, and may the best seed sprout.


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  1. Oh, I love the banner. I just made a paper one recently, but having one for repeat use would be awesome!

  2. I have the messenger bag (best beach bag ever) and would love those headbands for the nieces!

  3. So cute! Would love to win the banner!

  4. Love the little bow ties for the nephews!

  5. Everything is just so so cute!

  6. I love the back packs!

  7. I’ve been wanting one of those totes since college myself. You can never have too many bags, amiright?!?

  8. All of her banners are adorable, but if I had a baby I would definitely want some of those baby bow headbands too!

  9. I just got a custom diaper bag on Friday! I’ve of course had my messenger bag for a few years and now this diaper bag! Let’s just say I’m in love, I’m in love and I don’t care who knows it!

  10. Another one of life’s burning questions answered. All one had to do was view the line of bags on hooks in the CTK foyer to know … something had happened. I even went to the trouble to get a bag (it’s a very convenient one) of my own from a fair-trade shop in Ann Arbor, MI.
    Now I’ll have two 😉
    ~ Clara

  11. Those little bow ties are absolutely adorable!

  12. Love all her products!!

  13. Whoops forgot to put what I wanted…..didn’t read all the directions, too excited to post! ha Backpack would be awesome but I think I would like a name banner for newest baby’s room!

  14. Oh goodness, I need a little boy because those bow ties are just adorable!

  15. Those bow ties are so stinking cute! And the backpack…baby wearing sometimes requires a backpack.

  16. I would absolutely love a birthday banner!

  17. I love the banner!

  18. I’d love that Happy Birthday banner!!! Gabriel’s birthday is coming up in less than ONE WEEK, ahhhh!!!

  19. I love the new backpacks! You two are so great! 🙂

  20. I would love to have the church tote!

  21. I love the Blue Seersucker Bow Elastic Baby Girl Headband!

  22. The backpack

  23. So cute… I love the happy birthday banner most actually! But I have birthdays on the brain right now with Michael’s coming up…

  24. The Baby Boy Bowtie, White and Black Polka Dot, Adjustable is so cute.

  25. I would LOVE to have Cross Body Messenger Bag, Blue and Green Floral, Tote

  26. My favorite item is the Cross Body Messenger Bag in Blue and Green Floral.

  27. kara kjellman says:

    I love the cross body bag!

  28. I have never seen handmade fabric banners like these! I love them and would especially like one with my sons name on it 🙂

  29. Cross Body Messenger Bag

  30. I like the Baby Boy Bowtie, Green and Ivory Polka Dot, Adjustable

  31. I also like the Cross Body Messenger Bag, Blue and Green Floral, Tote

  32. The blue grey backpack is cute!

  33. I would like the Personalized Pendant Banner for our daughter!

  34. I love the Church Tote! So cute!

  35. I would very much like to possess the gray, blue and green alphabet & stripes backpack.

  36. I love the gray, blue and green chevron backpack.

  37. I like the Baby Boy Bowtie.

  38. I love the cross body bag!

  39. Angela R Higdon says:

    I love the Bklue, white and green chevron backpack. And I shared on Pinterest**! http://www.pinterest.com/pin/412853490813796196/

  40. I like the Mini Pendant Banner.
    tweet share: https://twitter.com/JoanSmirth007/status/496413072899063808

  41. This is how I shared: https://twitter.com/rickyroberts123/status/496420654753673216
    This is my favorite: Large Happy Birthday Pendant Banner

  42. DG Middendorf says:

    Cross Body Messenger Bag, Blue and Green Floral, Tote is what I want for me but I reallllly realllly want a banner too.

  43. DG Middendorf says:
  44. The alphabet backpack is awesome!

  45. You’ve a lovely blog!Great giveaway! Stopping by from CWB FB page…..so happy I did…:)

  46. I love the baby name banner as well as the chevron backpack!

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