Immune Boosting Tea (with Essential Oils)

‘Tis the season for colds and coughs and runny noses. With the flu vaccine not being very effective this year, we’ve ramped up our game plan for staying healthy and I’ve stocked up our arsenal of home remedies in case we do get sick.

One of my favorite drinks this time of year is this immune boosting tea with essential oils. You know we love our oils, and this is a fantastic way to use them. I like to drink this combination about once or twice a week during this time of year when I’m feeling well to keep my immunity strong, and we down this stuff when we start to feel something coming on. If we wake up with a scratchy throat or some congestion, this immune boosting tea usually kicks it by the afternoon. And it feels so good going down.


  • 2 cups black tea* (could use another herbal tea if you fancy, but it may change the flavor)
  • One drop quality Lemon essential oil
  • One drop Thieves essential oil
  • a dash of coconut milk (optional)
  • a dash of cinnamon (optional – but I love it, and I’ve also used Cinnamon essential oil in this tea and it’s bomb)


  1. Brew the tea. Stir in one drop lemon oil and one drop thieves oil. If you’d like, you can combine them in a blender, but stirring with a spoon is just fine 😉
  2. That’s it! Happy sipping!

*You can brew just 1 cup of tea with one tea bag, but it will be strong. Dave never brews two cups when he’s under the weather because it feels stronger/better on a sore throat. But I usually like to savor mine, so I always do 2 cups of tea with 2 tea bags.

Would you ever try this tea? What’s your favorite sick-day beverage?


  1. love this! I want to compare On Guard with Thieves so badly! My SIL has Thieves, and we’re going to get together soon and sniff them 🙂

  2. Alex came home with a scratchy throat last month. Did a quick Pinterest search and found something similar to this. Hot water, lemon, thieves and honey. He drank that for a couple days and was back to normal! Which is amazing, because once he has a sore throat he has it for the long haul…

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