Our Wedding Song

Or first-dance song?

What is the technical name for that highly-treasured traditional moment when a newly married couple dances their first dance?

Recently, I’ve been meaning to write some posts recounting the details of that blessed day when D-Train and I vowed our lives to one another.  Mostly because it’s been almost a year and a half since our wedding and I don’t want to forget the small details about the decorations, the food, the preparatory festivities, etc.  I want to remember those important things forever, mainly to recount them to our children.


So Grace’s prompt to share wedding songs has been the ideal kickstarter for this venture, and my, is it a lovely way to begin!

Dave and I danced for the first time as a married couple to I Will Not Take My Love Away by Matt Wertz.

This song actually holds monumental meaning for us.  Dave is a huge fan of Mr. Wertz and was the first to introduce me to this fantastic musician.  I can’t remember how or when this started to be “our song” (I’ll go ahead and unashamedly flaunt my middle school levels of lameness), but I remember this holding some significance from the very beginning of our dating relationship.  Most of our relationship was long distance (yuck), and Dave would frequently sing this song to me during our marathon phone conversations that, at times, spanned across the seas.  He continues to frequently play this song on our piano, and it is one of his favorites to sing around the Nugget.


The lyrics to this song cut me right to the heart every time.  They are just so pure, so honest, and, in my opinion, so reflective of the vows we made to one another.  As silly as it seems, this song illustrated so much of our persistence through various obstacles we encountered before we dated, while we were dating (and I really need to jot that down, darn it), and even while we were engaged.

So, yes, it’s very important to us.  But when it came time to actually choose our first-dance song, I nixed it real quick.  Vhat?!  Vhy?  Well, I thought it was too slow.  I thought that it didn’t have enough umph from background instruments.  Thus, Dave and I searched through many-a-wedding-song, but nothing else even came close.  So I eventually resigned myself to the glorious fact that no other song would encapsulate our relationship better than this one.  And I am extremely glad we went with it, simple and slow as it is.


…and then we boogied.


[BONUS: Our wedding video that includes our wedding song 🙂 ]

How about you?  What was your first dance song?  Any engaged people out there?  What are your plans?!


  1. aw. love it!!! You were thee most gorgeous bride!! Thank you for linking, lady!!

  2. Olivia, what a sweet video. I felt like I was at your wedding!

    And you’ve got me re-hooked on Matt Wertz!

  3. Love this, and you look just beautiful. I started watching your wedding video and recognized Brigid Crowley (her sister Mary and I were good friends at Steubie) and Maria Spears (then put two and two together and realized that you ARE a Spears 😉

    And we were so very close to being wedding dress twins 🙂

  4. Loved watching your video! So sweet and beautiful!!!

  5. such a great day.

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