Small Apartment Living: Floor to Ceiling Curtains

In the last Small Apartment Living post, we talked all about how hanging floating shelves in your small space can increase storage space and add texture and color to bland walls without taking up any real square footage.

Another potential downside of apartment living is smaller rooms and lower ceilings. Sometimes you can feel like a little sardine.

But!  There’s a trick to making your rooms feel larger and your ceilings seem higher: hang your window curtains higher than your windows and let them flow all the way to the ground.

SAL Floor to Ceiling Curtains

This is a tip my momma gave me (that she uses in their house, even though their rooms aren’t as small as ours) that I will employ forever and ever amen.  When Dave and I found our apartment (that we adore), we had a beef with the windows.  It’s an older building with great character, but also houses older windows that are less than attractive.  Their redeeming factor is that they are BIG and they let in a lot of natural light, so we needed to make them work somehow, some way.  First, we hung the blind.  We love this blind for a few reasons:

  1. It covers the gross metal window frames
  2. It still lets the light filter through
  3. We can see outside, but outside cannot see in

Then, we hung the curtains.  And we hung them hiiiiigh because:

  • It gives the illusion that the windows are bigger.  “Bigger” windows = “bigger” room.
  • It makes the ceiling look higher.  Floor to ceiling curtains draw your eye up, up, and up toward the ceiling.
  • It makes the entire room look bigger.  Big pieces in small spaces give the impression that the whole room is big.

What do you think about hanging your window treatments higher than your actual windows?  What other tricks do you have for making small spaces look larger?  

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  1. I love this! You are the cutest little sardine ever. Can I live in your guest room yet?

  2. Great tip! Funny that you have a series about this. We live in a condo where space is not our friend, and one of my goals is to make friends with my little space and write a series on it. I guess we’re on the same page!

  3. This is a great tip. I would choose another color though for the curtain, brighter, so it makes a small room look wider and bigger. But it also depends on the location of the window in the room and so on. But great post, I like it.

  4. Can you share the type/style of blinds used? I just moved into my apartment and they’re just what I’m looking for. Thx!

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