Five Items to Help You Organize Your Life

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Organizing your home, office, personal belongings, and life in general is a lofty task that can be overwhelming at times.  I had plenty of “what did we get ourselves in to?!” moments over the past few days of reorganizing our little place.  But getting your stuff together does not have to be stressful or all-consuming.

Having organizational aids can assist you big time when sorting, purging, and gathering.  And if you’re anything like me, having things look “cute” is enough motivation to get moving on the organizing end.  Through personal experience with this whole business, I have discovered my five favorite items for reorganizing every facet of life.

1. Storage Bins // I now refuse to embark upon any organization project without storage bins.  Not only do they keep like items together, making them both easily locatable and accessible, but they also produce so much more room.  Our closets were jam packed.  By picking up a few inexpensive storage bins, we were able to condense our belongings and clear up an immense amount of closet space.  If you’re not already using storage bins, go get them, get them now.  I also really like the idea of these, especially if they are going to be visible.  Whatever you think will work the best for your family and your space will do!

2. Binders // I strayed away from binders after college because I wrongly assumed that since I was not in school anymore, I didn’t need intense school supplies.  Like binders.  Then I realized that the most organized time in my life was when I was a senior in college and had fifty different balls in the air at once.  And you know what I thrived on and could not live without?  Binders.  So I reverted and began using them again to organize our paperwork and our schedules.  Binders are brilliant because they keep important items in one place, they keep me on task, and they refrain my head from spinning when I dive into each aspect of our life.  You know what I mean?

3. Label Maker // My all time favorite.  This beauty was dropped off at my front door sometime last week and my life has not been the same ever since.  I’ve always dreamed of having a label maker, but I never realized how much it can help out in organizing.  I love this one because it allows you to use different fonts and sizes (again, it’s all about the cute factor).  I’ve labeled everything from our pantry shelves, to the storage bins, to binder tabs, and it has truly made a big difference.  Dave calls me Monica Geller, I call me Genius.

4. Good Pens // Any other pen lovers out there?  It makes filling out agendas and to-do lists much more fun, plus color-coding different events/responsibilities can keep your mind clear when you might otherwise be overwhlemed by all the tasks that lie before you!  These are the best I have found so far.  They are fine point pens, making it easy to write in small spaces.

5. Lists // Can’t live without them.  Not when there are 10,000 things to remember to do each day, like is required of most of us.  The one pictured is from Target’s $1 bin and is magnetic (a must-have for me).  I’m flirting with this one, too.  Natalie also has a really great daily to-do list printable that you should check out!  It’s a fact: making lists helps one stay on task and be more productive.  Try it out!

How about you?  What organizational items are must-haves for you?  I’m always up for a little Type-A jam sesh.  Spill.


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  1. I can second everything in this list! I’ve been wanting a label maker for a while. Especially now that I have been moving all of my bulk items (beans, pasta, breadcrumbs, flour, sugar, etc) into half gallon or quart sized jars. It’s easy to confuse flour for confectioner’s sugar and my tape & permanent marker labels just aren’t cute.

    • Same here! My hubby wondered why I needed cute labels or color-coded stamps, etc., and I told him that if it’s not cute, I know I won’t stick with it, and it’s true! So much easier when you like the way it looks!

  2. I’m getting into washi tape to color coordinate. Also, Monica Gellar. That is perfect.

  3. Olivia,

    you have motivated me to organize my bedroom. I don’t know if I’m happy about this or upset about this. I’ll let you know later. Ha ha


  4. I love the act of actually writing things down, but I also have a soft spot for my 2Do app on my iphone. Love.

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