The Ten Virtues of Mary Series (Giveaway)

Wow, you all. Just wow. I have been absolutely blown away by the beauty that has been this series. When I approached the writers about this topic, I knew they would produce wonderful, well-thought out, and well-written content. What surprised me, however, was just how much these women’s reflections on the ten principal virtues of […]

How to Be a Work from Home Mom Without Losing Your Mind

Somewhere within George’s fourth or fifth week of life, I snapped. I had reached the end of my sanity rope, and between his colic and my fatigue, I was barely surviving each blessed day. The typical struggles of postpartum life collided with newfound elements of our lifestyle to leave me a mangled wreck. I grew increasingly frustrated […]

Help Me: Journaling

Tell me something, friends: do you enjoy journaling? Do you find it relaxing and beneficial to journal? What do you write? An account of the day’s events, prayers, thoughts, goals, all of it? I am not a very good journal-er, and to be honest, I don’t like it. I’ve tried journaling one billion times before, […]

Dear New Mom, You’re Irreplaceable

Dear New Mom, I see you, standing in the middle of the cereal aisle at the grocery store. You’re holding your new baby and she’s getting fussy. And suddenly her cries become a bit louder, her thrashes a bit more forceful, and you glance over your shoulder apologetically at the people who struggle to squeeze […]

Defining Success

Around here, we are big on goal-setting. We set long-term and short-term goals, as well as goals in various areas of our life. We are so adamant about setting goals that I’ll soon be starting a series on goal setting (and achieving!). But what exactly is the purpose of having goals? Achieving success, right? Right. […]

How to Survive Moving Back to Your Hometown

So you’ve decided to get back to your roots and journey home to the land where everybody knows your name. Maybe you’ve just graduated college, or maybe you have been away from home for a more significant amount of time.  Maybe you’ve been gone for two years, maybe you’ve been gone for 20 years. Maybe […]

Five Items to Help You Organize Your Life

Linking up with the wonderful Mrs. Patton in lieu of the delightful Mrs. Lord. Organizing your home, office, personal belongings, and life in general is a lofty task that can be overwhelming at times.  I had plenty of “what did we get ourselves in to?!” moments over the past few days of reorganizing our little […]