Immune Boosting Tea (with Essential Oils)

‘Tis the season for colds and coughs and runny noses. With the flu vaccine not being very effective this year, we’ve ramped up our game plan for staying healthy and I’ve stocked up our arsenal of home remedies in case we do get sick. One of my favorite drinks this time of year is this […]

DIY Postpartum Belly Balm

One of the strangest feelings I’ve ever experienced was the state of my midsection post-delivery. What was once occupied by a growing human who caused my¬†organs to relocate was all of a sudden hollow. The lighten-ing feeling that accompanied this adjustment was almost more difficult to bear than labor itself. In the weeks and months […]

Top Ten Essential Oils for Labor and Delivery

Y’all know how much I love my oils. Can’t get enough of them. Essential oils were, well, essential for me during the morning sickness of pregnancy and they were a top priority item in our labor bag. I promised you that I would detail what oils we used during labor and how we used them. […]