Our Next Project (A Minimize the Mess Review)

One of our big goals this summer is to reorganize our little apartment while Dave is out of school. Particularly our downstairs storage area because first comes love of things that don’t fit in our space, then comes gifts from marriage that we love but can’t use until we have a house, then comes a […]

Come Read Along with Us!

We are in a season of life where the way we are doing things needs major adjustment. We successfully completed the total life overhaul, but as a growing infant and shifting school and work schedules would have it, life has adapted to no longer fit the system we had nailed down during the overhaul. So […]

They Have Moms

I looked down at my baby nephew, barely able to sit up on his own, and then panic-glanced over to the small granddaddy longlegs that was slowly making its way toward him. My sister-in-law and I were sitting outside on our in-laws’ porch, watching her baby boy play nearby and talking about my belly-growth as George […]

Waiting For Your Baby to Arrive

Your due date. It’s a date you have repeated to strangers countless times. It’s a date you’ve circled, highlighted, and doodled all over in your calendar. It’s a date you’ve Googled to see what significant events in history happened on that day and which celebrities your baby might share a birthday with. It’s a date […]

A Tradition Handed Down

It seems that every conversation I’ve had with friends over the last couple of weeks involves the question, “So what do you all do for Christmas?”. Our conversation then fills with exchanges of family Christmas traditions, special memories, and what we believe makes this time of year so special. I love these kinds of conversations, […]

My Calling is So Uncomfortable

Yesterday, I was able to spend some down time with a few of my former students. I’m sponsoring one of them for Confirmation this year, and we had a short retreat day at their parish; so a good amount of my other kids were there, too. Yesterday compelled me to finish a post that’s been […]

How to Be a Work from Home Mom Without Losing Your Mind

Somewhere within George’s fourth or fifth week of life, I snapped. I had reached the end of my sanity rope, and between his colic and my fatigue, I was barely surviving each blessed day. The typical struggles of postpartum life collided with newfound elements of our lifestyle to leave me a mangled wreck. I grew increasingly frustrated […]