Let’s Talk About Eyewear

If you look closely enough at my face, particularly my eye region, then you may notice a scar in the midst of my left eyebrow where the eyebrow no longer grows. That little scar has been with my since the first grade, was hidden throughout high school thanks to strategic waxing, and now semi-occasionally filled in with eyebrow powder, but mostly let go, because frankly it just doesn’t bother me.

The acquiring of the scar is one of my first and most vivid memories. Toward the beginning of my first grade school year, we had the annual eye exams at school. I hated those thing. So much pressure. Anyway, I failed the tests miserably and it was decided that I need glasses ASAP or else all my academic aspirations would be lost. So off my dutiful parents took me to pick out my first pair of specs. I don’t recall the exact details of that first pair of glasses, but I do know they were big and round. I didn’t feel self-conscious about them, and off to school I went the following day, exciting for my first ice skating lesson that night.

During my group lesson on the ice, I slid, took a massive dive and landed, you guessed it, right on my face. My pretty new glasses slashed a perfect gash through my eyebrow, and off to the ER we went.

So yeah, me and eyewear go way back. I wore glasses through much of grade school and could only figure out contacts once I was in the sixth grade (my mom sent the employees of the eye doctor’s office flowers the next day for working with me through literally hours and buckets of frustrated tears from yours truly – it was a valiant battle they fought that day, without losing one single ounce of patience).

Since the first grade, I’ve gone through so many contacts and glasses I can’t even count. So on the off chance that your eyes, too, require some extra love and pampering, I thought I’d fill you in on the eyewear route I’m going now.




I primarily wear contacts these days, partly because I like wearing sunglasses and partly because George likes to pull things off my person as much as possible.

For many years, I wore Acuvue Oasis contacts that are meant to last 2 weeks per pair (I think? I always wore them way longer … for shame).

But when I went to college, my seasonal allergies started to increase in intensity (I will forever blame your air, Steubenville), and my eyes were the main victim. I had tons of itching and swelling and those words sound so gross in relation to eyeballs … but it was bad. I lamented to my eye doc about it and he suggested going with Acuvue Dailies daily disposable contacts. He informed me that proteins can build up on the contact lenses, especially during allergy season, and that the solution doesn’t always do the trick. This switch has saved me so, so much over the past few years. I don’t think I’ll ever go back. They are a bit pricier on the outset, but they offer a big rebate, and when you factor in the price of solution that you’ll no longer have to buy, it comes out to cost about the same as regular contact lenses.


In high school, I shunned glasses but now I love wearing them, and I wear them as much as possible. Throughout the years, I’ve gone from big round gold frames, to thin rectangular dark frames, to purple square frames, to the hipster-esque brown frames, and right back to my big round frames.

My poor parents used to drop hundreds of dollars on glasses when it was time to purchase from the eye doctor, and I only wish Firmoo was around then. Since I discovered Firmoo last year, I’ve gotten two different pairs of prescription glasses for half the cost of one pair from my doctor. Y’all, the price discrepancies are insane. not only are Firmoo lenses very affordable, but the frames are in style and varied to fit whatever shape, color, and size you like. The ordering process is very easy and they take great steps to ensure the accuracy of your glasses.

Lucky for you, Firmoo is giving away a pair of glasses to one of your darling readers! I can’t wait to see what frames you all like 🙂

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