Breastfeeding Must Haves

Genevieve of Mama Natural and I chatted at the Wellness Family Summit about how breastfeeding can be more overwhelming than one might expect. When I was pregnant with George, I spent so much time reading about labor and delivery and soaking up advice for having a natural birth in a hospital. I honestly figured that […]

Common Spiritual Attacks on Pregnant Mamas

Pregnancy is such a unique time for a woman. There are lots of physical changes and hormonal shifts that can make adjustment difficult. Since pregnancy brings forth new life, the enemy of life so often seeks to rob a woman of her joy and trust in the Lord during this time. The devil frequently weasels […]

How to Beat the Baby Blues

During our childbirth preparation session at the hospital, our instructor dedicated a whole evening class to it. Every pregnancy and childbirth book I read discussed it. Moms forewarned me about its potential. Even at the hospital after George’s birth, I was spoken to at length about it. The emotions that accompany pregnancy are truly something […]

From Bump to Baby: Five Things I Learned During Labor [Guest Post]

Hi friends! Currently, I’m siting on the beach with my large extended family for a little R&R this week. While I’m gone, one of my dearest friends, Amanda, has graciously agreed to keep the lights on at the Heights and guest post for a few days! Amanda has such a great heart and is stinking […]

Postpartum Care Kit

Want to read more about pregnancy, labor, postpartum life, and newborn needs? Check out these posts: Best Pregnancy Books How to Relieve Pregnancy Swelling Our Labor Bag Tips for a Natural Hospital Birth Essential Oils for Labor and Delivery Placenta Encapsulation How to Beat the Baby Blues DIY Postpartum Belly Balm How to Survive Colic […]

DIY Postpartum Belly Balm

One of the strangest feelings I’ve ever experienced was the state of my midsection post-delivery. What was once occupied by a growing human who caused my¬†organs to relocate was all of a sudden hollow. The lighten-ing feeling that accompanied this adjustment was almost more difficult to bear than labor itself. In the weeks and months […]

Top Ten Essential Oils for Labor and Delivery

Y’all know how much I love my oils. Can’t get enough of them. Essential oils were, well, essential for me during the morning sickness of pregnancy and they were a top priority item in our labor bag. I promised you that I would detail what oils we used during labor and how we used them. […]