A Tradition Handed Down

It seems that every conversation I’ve had with friends over the last couple of weeks involves the question, “So what do you all do for Christmas?”. Our conversation then fills with exchanges of family Christmas traditions, special memories, and what we believe makes this time of year so special. I love these kinds of conversations, […]

5 Uses for Extra Christmas Cards

The pencil (or pen) dust has settled from addressing envelopes and you’ve mailed out your final stack of Christmas cards to your friends and family. Your hand is killing you, but you feel accomplished and pretty much awesome. Rightfully so. Then, you look over to find a small bunch of leftover Christmas cards. Since you’re […]

5 Ways to Save Money on Gift Wrap

‘Tis the season for ribbons and bows, for packages, boxes, and bags. I don’t really count my Christmas shopping complete until I’ve wrapped all the presents and they’re under the tree. It’s just the Type-A in me. There’s something about wrapping presents that, while the process can be tedious and sometimes overwhelming, gets me excited […]

Beasting Black Friday (with Free Printables)

In my family, Black Friday is a grand tradition. Every Thanksgiving, precisely between dessert and second dinner (you know …), my dad’s family sits around the living room coffee table, which is overflowing with newspaper ads, and we scour through all the Black Friday deals, making our lists and checking them twice. Then, on Friday […]

Healthy Holiday Coffee

The Fall and Winter months are my absolute favorite. While I miss the flowers and sunshine of Spring and Summer, nothing can top the general merriment that the colder seasons bring. I think I enjoy this time of year so much because of all the holiday festivities. I love Thanksgiving and Christmas is our favorite. […]

A Tale of Two Tooshies

Hi there. Face here. (90s kids unite) How was your long weekend? Filled with picnics, family, fireworks, and rest, I hope. Mine involved a lot of ass. When Wednesday evening rolled around, I was chipper-ly beginning to pack for our weekend at the lake while waiting for Dave to get home from his fourth 12-hour […]

39 weeks and readynotready

“Are you upset that you can’t see your feet?” “You are, like, really about to have a baby‚Ķ Like, you look like you’re REALLY about to have this baby.” These recent, keen, and eloquent observations from my students pretty much sums up my current pregnancy status: Ready to freaking go. But first things first (right […]