Eye Makeup Tutorial

One of the highlights of The Hundred Event was getting to meet so many e-friends in the flesh. I was so pumped to meet Britt from The Fisk Files because I religiously stalk follow her blog. She is just as genuinely sweet and motherly in real life as she is on the WWW. This may […]

Kettlebell 101

Getting back into a workout routine post-baby is not the easiest thing I’ve ever done. In my pre-baby life, I thought I was busy. I had no idea. In my future life, with more kids hanging around our house, I’ll laugh at my present self for thinking I’m busy. Busy busy busy. We’re all busy. […]

Fears of the Irrational Sort: Expectations vs. Reality of Motherhood

The inviting teal water washed over my feet as I hesitantly stepped deeper into the rolling waves. I was now knee-deep in the Gulf of Mexico, the farthest in I typically like to venture. You see, my life is speckled with irrational fears. I am reminded of them each time I visit the ocean. Although I am fond […]

Stop and Smell the Roses [Guest Post]

This is Amanda’s final installment for the week (but not forever!), and I’m so grateful she agreed to write for the Heights! Thanks to you awesome readers for showing her so much love. My heart is full for you, amigos. 😉 My husband Joe and I have been through a lot of transition these past […]

The Great Unknown

When I look back on my short life, most of the major highlights involved making decisions that I knew would lead me into the great unknown. My college decision, leading a foreign mission, marriage, teaching, motherhood: all were fantastic mysteries to me, and still remain so. The Lord has a wild way of working in […]

From Bump to Baby: Five Things I Learned During Labor [Guest Post]

Hi friends! Currently, I’m siting on the beach with my large extended family for a little R&R this week. While I’m gone, one of my dearest friends, Amanda, has graciously agreed to keep the lights on at the Heights and guest post for a few days! Amanda has such a great heart and is stinking […]

Stella Maris

One of the very first things that drew me to Haley’s blog was her love for Our Lady, Star of the Sea.  This title and image of Mary is one that lies close to my heart; and seeing that it is a little known title of Our Lady, I was immediately impressed with how much […]