George Wants You to Celebrate (GIVEAWAY)

July has been a wonderfully chaotic month. We’ve had so much to celebrate and have had so much fun. If you’ve been a reader of the Heights for a while, then you know well that our family has a special devotion to Bl. Pier Giorgio Frassati. He’s the patron of our family and George is […]

The Ten Virtues of Mary Series (Giveaway)

Wow, you all. Just wow. I have been absolutely blown away by the beauty that has been this series. When I approached the writers about this topic, I knew they would produce wonderful, well-thought out, and well-written content. What surprised me, however, was just how much these women’s reflections on the ten principal virtues of […]

My New Appendage {a Lily Jade Giveaway}

When I was pregnant with George, I searched high and low, long and hard for a diaper bag that I would be proud to tote once he arrived. I wanted a bag that said “Look, I’m a happy mom carrying my baby and my bag!”, but that also said, “And I’m also really fashion-forward and […]

Slobbery Blobbery {a Whole Parenting Goods Giveaway}

We have been beaten, bruised, and curled up in the corner of the teething ring over the past two weeks as George’s bottom two bitters have popped through. He started showing signs of teething a month ago but only recently made real progress. One of these signs was the endless amounts of slobber. Oh, the slobber. […]

Move Over, Yoga Pants {a White Plum Giveaway}

For those of you who love a good spoiler, there is a terrific White Plum giveaway below, and you magnificent readers can get 20% off your order with White Plum until 10/24 using the code TOTHEHEIGHTS. Don’t miss out, friends! Shortly after our boys were born, Nell and I exchanged emails serious-joking about how our current fashion consisted of […]

You’re All Winners

Well now we all know who God’s favorite is this week … Congratulations to Chris Capolino on winning the Happy Birthday banner from Sewing Seeds Creations! But! For the rest of you less fortunate souls, do not weep for long. Alex is treating us like celebrities at award shows and is not only extending her […]

Time to Sew Some Seeds [GIVEAWAY]

When I was in college, I noticed a rising trend among many of the girls on campus. I began seeing multiple ladies carrying adorable cross-body messenger bags that were unlike anything I’d come across before. They were so stylish. Each bag was unique, yet the style of the bags was organic. So I figured these girls must […]