A Tradition Handed Down

It seems that every conversation I’ve had with friends over the last couple of weeks involves the question, “So what do you all do for Christmas?”. Our conversation then fills with exchanges of family Christmas traditions, special memories, and what we believe makes this time of year so special. I love these kinds of conversations, […]

George’s Favorite Things {so far}

We’re inching closer to the six month mark of G-Unit’s life, so I thought it might be appropriate to record some of his favorite things that he’s discovered on his adventure so far. He is in a great stage – he’s very interactive, curious, daring, observant, and explorative. He wants to touch everything, taste everything, […]

A Recap of the Hundred Event

I’ll be honest and admit that I booked my ticket for the Hundred Event on a total whim. A part of me was swimming in remorse over not being at Edel, and a part of me was itching to be around creatives in my field and to have social interaction. So when I saw four […]

Our Labor Bag

Want to read more about pregnancy, labor, postpartum life, and newborn needs? Check out these posts: Best Pregnancy Books How to Relieve Pregnancy Swelling Tips for a Natural Hospital Birth Essential Oils for Labor and Delivery Postpartum Care Kit Placenta Encapsulation How to Beat the Baby Blues DIY Postpartum Belly Balm How to Survive Colic […]

The Arrival of George, Part Two

Part One Where were we? Oh yes. The news we didn’t want to hear. Little guy’s heart rate was a bit in question, and our midwife was worried that my placenta might be getting worn out, so to speak, since I was twelve days over (is this TMI? IDK.). This worried me, and I knew what […]

The Arrival of George, Part One

The short version: Labor started on the evening of Tuesday, May 27th.  It picked up throughout the day on Wednesday and we found ourselves in the hospital Wednesday evening.  We labored through the night and the stubborn boy finally made his appearance at 2:53 p.m. on Thursday, May 29th.  He weighed 7 lbs 5 oz […]

George’s Baptism

Yesterday was a memorable day for our little family: D-Train’s first Father’s Day and George’s baptism. Not a bad way to spend the feast of the Holy Trinity on a hot Sunday in June. We are so blessed by loving families on both sides; and tons of family traveled in for the big cleanse, so […]