My Winter Mom Uniform

My life could be categorized by uniforms. When I was little, I loved my long night gown and slippers and wore them faithfully every night like the old lady I am. Because I went to private school, my adolescence was peppered with white collared shirts and navy or khaki pants. When I was traveling abroad […]

Tips for Thrifting Men’s Jackets

Even though he’s up to his eyeballs in books and rubber gloves, Dave remains the first and most avid reader of this little blog. He blesses me with his support of this hobby of mine and even knows the names of my readers and blogging buddies. Today, D-Train is providing content for his first blog […]

My New Appendage {a Lily Jade Giveaway}

When I was pregnant with George, I searched high and low, long and hard for a diaper bag that I would be proud to tote once he arrived. I wanted a bag that said “Look, I’m a happy mom carrying my baby and my bag!”, but that also said, “And I’m also really fashion-forward and […]

Move Over, Yoga Pants {a White Plum Giveaway}

For those of you who love a good spoiler, there is a terrific White Plum giveaway below, and you magnificent readers can get 20% off your order with White Plum until 10/24 using the code TOTHEHEIGHTS. Don’t miss out, friends! Shortly after our boys were born, Nell and I exchanged emails serious-joking about how our current fashion consisted of […]

Help Me: Postpartum and Nursing Wear

You know what you really shouldn’t do when you’re two weeks postpartum? Shop. Don’t do it. Just, don’t. Unless you have really awesome genes or your kid is nursing like crazy while you’re eating nothing or or or and your body is already back to its pre-pregnancy form. But I’m guessing that’s not the case […]

Let’s Find Out What’s In My Purse

I say “lets” because your guess is as good as mine. Everyone is jumping all over Kendra’s bandwagon and I’m two-stepping right along because my purse is in dire need of some attention.  Plus, I’ve really enjoyed reading everyone else’s posts.  I feel a great deal of solidarity.  What is it about seeing the numerous […]

Fall Fashion: A Guest Post by Erika

I am so excited/honored/thrilled to have Erika from Stethoscopes, Style, and Grace over today.  Erika’s blog was one of the first I ever read, and I’ve loved it ever since.  Not only do we have so much in common (and she covers all those bases below), but she is also my go-to when it comes […]