DIY Postpartum Belly Balm

One of the strangest feelings I’ve ever experienced was the state of my midsection post-delivery. What was once occupied by a growing human who caused my organs to relocate was all of a sudden hollow. The lighten-ing feeling that accompanied this adjustment was almost more difficult to bear than labor itself. In the weeks and months […]

DIY Screen-Printed Onesie

While I am taking some time out to enjoy and adjust to life with a new baby, there are some incredible women who will be guest posting here at the Heights over the next couple of weeks.  I hope (and know) you will enjoy! 🙂 First up is Sheena!  You all are going to LOVE […]

DIY Project: Nursery Rug

Over the past few weeks, we’ve been really honing in on a nursery design.  For a while I was having a tough time deciding on a “theme” for the Nugget’s room.  Pinterest is a blessing and a curse when it comes to things like this; there are so many fantastic ideas, but there are so […]

It’s Kind of Lonely…

… for a teacher during the summer.  David set off for work this morning when the rooster crowed, then around 7:30 I peeked out the window to find that all our neighbors had already departed for work.  I usually don’t mind some quiet alone time, but after a fabulous weekend packed with quality family time, […]