On Failing at Advent and Needing My Hand to Be Held

Sweet, naive, well-meaning Olivia sat in her junior year college catechetics class daydreaming. As she listened to her professor unfold the beauty of the Christian liturgical year and how it can be celebrated richly in the home, she fantasized about her future life with D-Train and their brood of children and how they would flawlessly celebrate […]

Beasting Black Friday (with Free Printables)

In my family, Black Friday is a grand tradition. Every Thanksgiving, precisely between dessert and second dinner (you know …), my dad’s family sits around the living room coffee table, which is overflowing with newspaper ads, and we scour through all the Black Friday deals, making our lists and checking them twice. Then, on Friday […]

A New Look, Announcements, and Lots of Good Things

– 1 – Whaddya think?  Notice anything different? 😉 This little corner of the blogosphere got a pretty amazing makeover thanks to the genius teamwork of Danielle Burkelo and Mary Hess.  I think bloggers are always analyzing the way their blogs look, the vibes they give, etc.  For a long time, I’ve had in the back of […]

There are Still Good Ones

Lately, I’ve seen countless articles, videos, and blog posts about the current dismal state of our young people in this culture.  These publications make very valid points.  They claim that the youth in this culture have become largely entitled, selfish, and lazy.  To be honest, it’s true.  It’s all true.  I could write a lengthy […]

7QT and WIWS

Seven Quick Takes and What I Wore Sunday fell in love.  And this post is their child. – 1 – I’m sitting high and mighty on this Labor Day weekend because I survived this week. I know what you’re thinking. “Gosh, Olivia, you’ve only been back to school for three weeks and you’re already talking […]

Seven Quick Ones

 Well it’s Friday so of course I’m linking up with Jen at Conversion Diary. – 1 – I’m coming to you from the little town of Springfield, KY, which is about 2 hours away from our home, or something like that.  We venture here around this time each summer for the annual Ignite Your Torch […]

Finding Fatima

Failing yet again to partake in a link up with Fine Linen and Purple.  The weekend’s been crazy, y’all.  Dave went out of el town and into la Steubenville to retrieve his baby bro and yours truly was left here to hang out with the middle schoolers on Friday and the elderly on Saturday and […]