The Total Life Overhaul: Schedule

Check out the other installments in this series: the intro, how we planned for it, prayer, health, family life, and work-leisure balance. Once we had mapped out what we wanted our days and our lives to look like, we were able to formulate new … [Continue reading]

A New Year Announcement (+ Giveaway)

I'm so excited I could squeal like a little piggy. For months now, I've been chewing and chewing on this idea, and I finally pulled the proverbial trigger. You see, I've been itching for a better way to connect with you, dear reader. I really … [Continue reading]

Top Ten Posts of 2014

It's been an awesome year with you all here at the Heights, and I'm so grateful for your readership. I am really excited about some thrilling projects I have coming for you in the new year, and I can't wait to keep in touch with you through … [Continue reading]

Mint Chocolate Puppy Chow with Essential Oils

We are in full holiday baking mode here, and I'm throwing together some family favorites for Christmas Eve like pecan pie, Christmas coffee, and puppy chow. Puppy chow reminds me of sitting on my grandma's sofa while watching my cousins wrestle … [Continue reading]

The Total Life Overhaul: Work and Leisure

Check out the other installments in this series: the intro, how we planned for it, prayer, health, and family life. Dave and I were both raised to be hard workers.  That man is a work horse both inside and outside the home, and I'm the product of … [Continue reading]

My Winter Mom Uniform

My life could be categorized by uniforms. When I was little, I loved my long night gown and slippers and wore them faithfully every night like the old lady I am. Because I went to private school, my adolescence was peppered with white collared shirts … [Continue reading]

A Tradition Handed Down

It seems that every conversation I've had with friends over the last couple of weeks involves the question, "So what do you all do for Christmas?". Our conversation then fills with exchanges of family Christmas traditions, special memories, and what … [Continue reading]