Gotta click it up!


With all the Facebook statuses from my collegiate friends about studying for finals, cramming in the concluding assignments, and pleasantly attending their last classes ever, I've been reminiscing about our good ol' times polishing papers and … [Continue reading]

April 29


Happy feast day, St. Catherine of Siena!  Thanks for showing us how to reach the heights.  Please pray for us. And happy due date to my best friend, Kaitlin!  I hope little Margaret comes sooner rather than later- please keep them both in your … [Continue reading]

7 Quick Takes, Sunday?


I know.  This is pathetic.  Is this even allowed, Jennifer? Here's the string of my excuses for my lateness: I really had a whole weekend of posts planned just for my two pretty followers and it was going to be kicked off with my first 7 Quick … [Continue reading]

Alleluia- Wedding Photos are Here!

Like I mentioned in Tuesday's post, one of my five favorite things this week is Elizabeth Binette Photography, because we just got our wedding pictures in and we are loving them! While it is not a significant anniversary or a memorable occasion in … [Continue reading]

My heart almost skipped out of my chest…


...last night when I discovered this most recent gem from one of my favorite priests, Fr. Robert Barron.  Fr. Barron is a priest in the Archdiocese of Chicago and he heads up an evangelical ministry called Word on Fire.  Fr. Barron is one of the most … [Continue reading]

Five Favorites

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Obvi, copy-catting Hallie and the other lovelies for this week's five favorites. Here is what I'm loving this week: - 1 - 'The Spark' by Kevin Heider Kevin is honestly one of the most talented lyricists I have ever been exposed to, and he … [Continue reading]

Happy One Month of Life, Gabriella!

Your auntie is still reveling in the fact that she gets to be your godmother.  I cannot believe that you have already been around for one month!  It may seem like a small feat, but I am so grateful for the time you have been with us, and I look … [Continue reading]