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Bringing YOU to Your Home (A Brick House in the City GIVEAWAY)

It’s funny how our sense of style changes over the years. Not only in the way we dress ourselves, but in the way we dress our homes, too. When we first moved in to our small apartment, I was so thrilled to finally be able to decorate our own space. And I was really happy […]

Our Next Project (A Minimize the Mess Review)

One of our big goals this summer is to reorganize our little apartment while Dave is out of school. Particularly our downstairs storage area because first comes love of things that don’t fit in our space, then comes gifts from marriage that we love but can’t use until we have a house, then comes a […]

Cleaning the Kitchen

When Dave and I decided to overhaul our life, one of my big personal goals was to tidy up the house every night before I went to bed. If George’s toys are put away, the kitchen sink is empty of dishes and its counters wiped down, the trash is taken out, and the bathroom is […]

5 Uses for Extra Christmas Cards

The pencil (or pen) dust has settled from addressing envelopes and you’ve mailed out your final stack of Christmas cards to your friends and family. Your hand is killing you, but you feel accomplished and pretty much awesome. Rightfully so. Then, you look over to find a small bunch of leftover Christmas cards. Since you’re […]

New Here?

We’re so happy to have you.  Thanks for stopping by! We like to approach life as one big mountain climb to the heights of health, happiness, and holiness. We never really know what is going to cross our path, or when our way will be smooth or rocky. But it is always, always an adventure. […]

Quick Takes

Linking up with Jen the Coolest and drooling over thoughts of the summer conference. – 1 – This statement may make me the worst teacher to ever wander the planet, but it’s worth noting for this blog’s purposes: I really do not like Catholic Schools Week.  What?!  I know.  Now, I’m obviously all about Catholic […]

Things Get Weird Here at the Homestead…

Linking up with Hallie for my five favorite “weird” health finds. Growing up, I was never really interested in “health and wellness”, per se.  I was a very active athlete and that kept me in shape all the time, so I ate what I wanted (McDonalds, shame) and didn’t give my inner health much thought. […]