Quick Takes

Linking up with Jen the Coolest and drooling over thoughts of the summer conference. – 1 – This statement may make me the worst teacher to ever wander the planet, but it’s worth noting for this blog’s purposes: I really do not like Catholic Schools Week.  What?!  I know.  Now, I’m obviously all about Catholic […]

My Husband is Weird, My Job is kEwL, and My Sink is Fixed

I’m a Jen junkie.  And it’s Friday, y’all.  Alle-tothe-luia. – 1 – The other night, after I had said/done something that ranked “questionable” on the normalcy scale (couldn’t tell you what it was, just a day in the life), David looked at me and said: “Sometimes I forget how weird you are”.  Ha.  So lest […]

Where We’ve Been, What We’ve Been Doing, and What I Wore Sunday

Lord have mercy.  There has been a lot going on.  A LOT!  I know it’s beyond too late to link up with the Quick Takers, but this post will be written in quick takes fashion because my brain is exhausted and cannot conceive of any other coherent transitions. Plus, this is my day 2 post […]

I Didn’t Marry Me: A Guest Post by Jenna Hines

Today, I have the great honor of introducing the lovely Jenna of Call Her Happy, who has so generously agreed to guest post for me while I am away.  Jenna is wife to hilarious Mike and momma to the adorables: Ellen and Sam.  I am still reading over and over this post because it is stocked […]

Weekend Getaway

As always, I should be packing for this week’s journey, but coffee and blog posts win out yet again, so I’m joining author extraordinaire Jen for some quick takes before I head out to only Dave knows where… – 1 – You see, we’re shipping out to a family favorite lake for a weekend away […]

Time Warp

For some reason I feel as if I’ve been away from home for two weeks, when in reality I was only gone but four days. The wedding was so beautiful and everything the gorgeous bride and groom desired it to be.  The festivities leading up to the wedding were way too much fun; and Kaitlin […]

Five Favorites and Wishful Wednesday: Registry Regrets

I’m a fan of alliterations.  Was that obvious? Linking up with Hallie and Sarah today in a combination post about my five favorite items that I do wish for greatly.  A few weeks back, my sister-in-law and I were discussing our wedding registry blunders.  We each had items in mind that we wish we had […]