How We Met, Part One

You know, I’m not really a believer in love at first sight. Which is ironic, because from the first moment I encountered David, I knew he was mine. It has taken me quite some time to compile our love story because honestly, it’s quite the saga (but who’s isn’t?) and it felt a bit overwhelming […]

A Season of Savoring

Have you ever been cliff jumping?  Or bridge jumping?  Or any kind of jumping?  Diving boards count 😉 Then you know well the feeling you get right before you make the leap.  The anticipation.  The desire to just ‘do it’, to be in the air, to be in the water. I kind of have that […]

Our Wedding Song

Or first-dance song? What is the technical name for that highly-treasured traditional moment when a newly married couple dances their first dance? Recently, I’ve been meaning to write some posts recounting the details of that blessed day when D-Train and I vowed our lives to one another.  Mostly because it’s been almost a year and […]

The 100-100 Principle

I will probably forever consider myself a novice in the marriage department.  I still think of myself as a newlywed (which, let’s be honest, I am), and will be learning so many lessons for the rest of our married life. But today I have the great privilege of sharing the greatest lesson I’ve learned about […]

That Orange Drank

For some reason, in the blur of an unusually optimistic outlook on life, I decided to join Jen for her 7 posts in 7 days challenge.  Will I fail at this?  It’s highly likely.  But if I go down I will go down with a valiant effort.  I figured there is no better way to kick […]

10 Simple Ways to Enrich Your Husband’s Life, Part Dos

Part Uno 3. Ignore the little annoyances.  As I’ve written about before, we all get annoyed from time to time, even by the one we love most.  It’s a part of our fallen human nature.  But who likes to be told that they are annoying?  That’s right, no one.  So when your hubby is doing/saying/trying […]

10 Simple Ways to Enrich Your Husband’s Life, Part Uno

I’ve only been married for a little over a year, so in the whole marriage department I’m pretty much a novice… But in my brief time as a wife, I have learned a lifetime of lessons (and there are only more to come!).  One of these lessons has been about self-sacrifice on behalf on the […]