The Total Life Overhaul: Health

Check out the other installments in this series: the intro, how we planned for it, and prayer After improving our prayer life, we knew the most vital aspect we needed to focus on was our health. If we are operating well physically, we operate well in every other area of life. Ironically, when life gets overly busy for me, my […]

What’s On My Christmas List?

Oh, you thought I’d be clever and formulate a thorough holiday gift guide? Not enough brain power this year, friends. Maybe we’ll try next year? But I couldn’t let Christmas come and go without giving the interwebs some sort of insight to what I think are cool gifts. So, in the spirit of it’s-the-end-of-the-year-and-I’m-lucky-if-I-remember-to-shower, I’m […]

Tips for Thrifting Men’s Jackets

Even though he’s up to his eyeballs in books and rubber gloves, Dave remains the first and most avid reader of this little blog. He blesses me with his support of this hobby of mine and even knows the names of my readers and blogging buddies. Today, D-Train is providing content for his first blog […]

The Total Life Overhaul: Prayer

See Installments One and Two. I didn’t think twice about where to begin overhauling our life. I knew that if my prayer life was not thriving, the rest of me wouldn’t, either. If our family is not rooted first and foremost in the Lord and His will, nothing else we do will bear true fruit or […]

The Total Life Overhaul: How We Planned for It

See the Introduction here Once I decided that we were in a terrible state of survival mode that we didn’t have to be in, the planning began shortly after. Like I said in the introduction, some sort of survival mode is simply unavoidable for us while Dave is still in nursing school, but the degree of […]

Beasting Black Friday (with Free Printables)

In my family, Black Friday is a grand tradition. Every Thanksgiving, precisely between dessert and second dinner (you know …), my dad’s family sits around the living room coffee table, which is overflowing with newspaper ads, and we scour through all the Black Friday deals, making our lists and checking them twice. Then, on Friday […]

The Total Life Overhaul: An Introduction

A few months ago, Dave came home to quite a mess of a wife. Actually, he had been coming home to a mess of a wife for a while; but on this particular night, I had snapped. When Dave walked through the door, he beheld a disheveled woman who hadn’t showered (much less brushed her teeth) […]