Five Favorites

Joining Hallie again for this week’s edition of five favorites!  I must say, I love this link-up because, having no sisters and living with a boy (cue Monica Geller), it fills me in on the best of the best products, accessories, and home decor that might otherwise go undiscovered by me.  Praise. the. Lawd.  And thank […]

Gotta click it up!

With all the Facebook statuses from my collegiate friends about studying for finals, cramming in the concluding assignments, and pleasantly attending their last classes ever, I’ve been reminiscing about our good ol’ times polishing papers and studying for long hours, throwing elbows left and right in order to claim the best study spots on campus… […]

Manic Monday

Yes, I do hope that this ditty is now prancing around in your head. But if you’re me, it would only be all-too-appropriate, for today truly is a manic Monday. I worked all weekend (don’t weep for me, or even feel an ounce of pity), for which I am truly grateful.  However, it seems that […]

2 Good 2 Not Share

Does that title look like a 7th grader wrote it?  Good, because rising to imitate my darling students is my most pressing goal in life, after all. As a middle school teacher, I hear some of the most heinous and also the funniest phrases to ever be uttered.  Middle schoolers can be witty, genuinely funny, and also […]

Five Favorites

Joining Hallie and the gang for this week’s edition of 5 Favorites.  I’m dying over all of Hallie’s recommendations for natural remedies and vitamins to make pregnancy and natural birth an easier go.  I will definitely be putting those to use both now and whenever we have our own little sweet pea (or 20) (that’s […]

What I Wore Sunday

Linking up with the ladies over at Fine Linen and Purple this week for a fam bam birthday bash! My cousin turned 30 this week and her darling husband organized a surprise party for her.  So after Mass and Religious Ed I scooted over to my grandma’s house for the partayyy. The decorations were super […]