Ta-Ta For Now

You may have noticed (or not, since your life doesn’t revolve around this blog 😉 ) that I haven’t been writing here as much lately. That’s partly due to an increase in activity in other areas of my life, but mostly due to the craziness of this last month of nursing school. Hell hath no fury […]

Calling All Bloggers and Businesses – Now Offering Advertising!

*A special note to my beloved blog readers who couldn’t care less about advertising – feel free to skip this post and we will be back with the usual on Monday! And be confident that I value you so highly that not much is going to change around here, save you being introduced to some […]

The Power of HALT

I’ll be the first to tell you that I’m not a very patient person. My husband should be the second, but he’s too gracious to ever admit what he and I both know to be true (and I love you for that, babe 😉 ). I’ve always admired an aunt of mine, whom I believe is […]

The Most Tear-Inducing Commercials of Super Bowl 2015

Whether or not you were pleased with the outcome of the 2015 Super Bowl (I was not), this year brought some serious tear-inducing commercials. This is one of the first years that I’ve been able to watch nearly the entire game, and I loved being able to really enjoy it. If you missed the game, […]

10 Habits of Happy People

Today, we’re channeling our inner Stephen Covey, although, as my father-in-law says, worldly success does not always equal happiness. But I think Mr. Covey would agree with most of the points on this list. We all want to be happy, right? Duh.  But we want to be more than happy, don’t we? We want to […]

Top Ten Posts of 2014

It’s been an awesome year with you all here at the Heights, and I’m so grateful for your readership. I am really excited about some thrilling projects I have coming for you in the new year, and I can’t wait to keep in touch with you through 2015! We have but a few days left […]

My Winter Mom Uniform

My life could be categorized by uniforms. When I was little, I loved my long night gown and slippers and wore them faithfully every night like the old lady I am. Because I went to private school, my adolescence was peppered with white collared shirts and navy or khaki pants. When I was traveling abroad […]