Five Items to Help You Organize Your Life

Linking up with the wonderful Mrs. Patton in lieu of the delightful Mrs. Lord. Organizing your home, office, personal belongings, and life in general is a lofty task that can be overwhelming at times.  I had plenty of “what did we get ourselves in to?!” moments over the past few days of reorganizing our little […]

Help Me: Meal Planning

Am I the only one up in here who has not mastered the art of weekly meal planning?  In your goodness, you can say that you haven’t, but I probably won’t believe you because I know, I know the process has to be quite simple and that I truly am the lone ranger in the wild-novicehousewife-west. […]

Help Me: Knitting 101

I am in the process of attempting my first EVER knitting project: a baby blanket for our new and precious goddaughter.  I bought this soft pink yarn and have cozied into the couch many a moon now in failed efforts to teach myself how to knit.  Thankfully, I’ve gotten some input from my first boss […]