Small Apartment Living: How to Host a Holiday Party in a Small Space (and on a Tight Budget)

I’m an introvert through and through. Nothing is more lovely to me than throwing on sweats, making a cup of tea, and curling up with a good book in a quiet corner of our apartment. That’s bliss. At the same time, I really do enjoy the occasional party, especially around the holidays, and I absolutely […]

What We’re Reading

In our house, we’ve been making a concerted effort lately to read more. Dave and I both enjoy reading, and it is something that we have let slip out of our routine in the busy-ness of work and school. We both feel much more rested, confident, rejuvenated, and relaxed when we shut off screens and […]

You’re All Winners

Well now we all know who God’s favorite is this week … Congratulations to Chris Capolino on winning the Happy Birthday banner from Sewing Seeds Creations! But! For the rest of you less fortunate souls, do not weep for long. Alex is treating us like celebrities at award shows and is not only extending her […]

Time to Sew Some Seeds [GIVEAWAY]

When I was in college, I noticed a rising trend among many of the girls on campus. I began seeing multiple ladies carrying adorable cross-body messenger bags that were unlike anything I’d come across before. They were so stylish. Each bag was unique, yet the style of the bags was organic. So I figured these girls must […]

DIY Screen-Printed Onesie

While I am taking some time out to enjoy and adjust to life with a new baby, there are some incredible women who will be guest posting here at the Heights over the next couple of weeks.  I hope (and know) you will enjoy! 🙂 First up is Sheena!  You all are going to LOVE […]

Help Me: Pot Gardening

Not, like, the drug (side eye CO). But growing vegetables in pots. You see, once we have our multi-acre homestead (the dream, baby), my plan is to have a great, big, thriving garden that will produce us many months worth of fresh herbs and vegetables.  Wouldn’t that be nice? Until then, however, I’m stuck with […]

Small Apartment Living: The Neighbors

If you live/have lived in an apartment then it’s no secret that you live in closer quarters with your neighbors.  For most people, this is a downer. And I get that.  We like our own space.  We don’t like sharing walls or parking spots or laundry machines. But when it comes to apartment living, dealing with […]