The Total Life Overhaul: Schedule

Check out the other installments in this series: the intro, how we planned for it, prayer, health, family life, and work-leisure balance. Once we had mapped out what we wanted our days and our lives to look like, we were able to formulate new daily routines and schedules to keep us on track. This took a pretty good amount of time for […]

A New Year Announcement (+ Giveaway)

I’m so excited I could squeal like a little piggy. For months now, I’ve been chewing and chewing on this idea, and I finally pulled the proverbial trigger. You see, I’ve been itching for a better way to connect with you, dear reader. I really like(d) Facebook, but they’ve been hiding so many posts from […]

The Total Life Overhaul: Work and Leisure

Check out the other installments in this series: the intro, how we planned for it, prayer, health, and family life. Dave and I were both raised to be hard workers.  That man is a work horse both inside and outside the home, and I’m the product of two people who achieved success when all the odds were majorly against them. […]

5 Uses for Extra Christmas Cards

The pencil (or pen) dust has settled from addressing envelopes and you’ve mailed out your final stack of Christmas cards to your friends and family. Your hand is killing you, but you feel accomplished and pretty much awesome. Rightfully so. Then, you look over to find a small bunch of leftover Christmas cards. Since you’re […]

The Total Life Overhaul: Family Life

Check out the other installments in this series: the intro, how we planned for it, prayer, and health. One of the most difficult parts about living in survival mode is that, typically, the family life is not thriving as much as preferred. With Dave in nursing school, our time at home and our focused time together is more […]

5 Ways to Save Money on Gift Wrap

‘Tis the season for ribbons and bows, for packages, boxes, and bags. I don’t really count my Christmas shopping complete until I’ve wrapped all the presents and they’re under the tree. It’s just the Type-A in me. There’s something about wrapping presents that, while the process can be tedious and sometimes overwhelming, gets me excited […]

Gift Guide for a Man’s Man

As promised, here is David’s big wish list. This gift guide for a man’s man, as I like to call it, is comprised of many of Dave’s favorite items (many he has, some he wants). If you’re scrambling to find something for the guys in your life, hopefully this can help you brainstorm! Books How to Build a […]