George’s Curious George 1st Birthday Party

Ok, ok, you can stop begging … I know you’re dying for a mom to tell you all about her son’s first birthday party … Three months later. Well weep no longer, I’m here with enough details to put People magazine’s coverage of Jennifer Aniston’s wedding to shame. (#teamjen for life). The briefer version is: it was a […]

Bringing YOU to Your Home (A Brick House in the City GIVEAWAY)

It’s funny how our sense of style changes over the years. Not only in the way we dress ourselves, but in the way we dress our homes, too. When we first moved in to our small apartment, I was so thrilled to finally be able to decorate our own space. And I was really happy […]

What We’re Reading – March

March was a pretty chaotic month for us. The first part was spent traveling and gearing up for/attending our local Youth 2000 conference. I taught many an essential oils class and Dave dove into his final push for the semester. A couple of weeks ago, I was left exhausted and in need of a quick […]

What We’re Reading – February 2015

February was a slow month for us. It was wonderful. We were snowed in for about a week, which meant Dave’s classes were cancelled and George and I got him all to ourselves. The slowness also meant that I was able to read frequently and for longer periods of time. Here are the books we […]

10 Questions Every Parent Has About Curious George

When I was first born, my parents got me a little Curious George stuffed animal, and that became my lovey through my entire childhood. To this day, I still have that stuffed animal (pictured below), and my stuffed George sits happily in my baby George’s crib. Now, Curious George, the TV show, frequents our Netflix […]

What We’re Reading (January 2015)

You know by now, based on this post, this post, and this post, that we’re avid readers in this house. So much so that most of the time, I have about five books going at once. This year, I’m making an effort to just actively read only one or two books at a time. I […]

The Total Life Overhaul: Conclusion

Check out the other installments in this series: the intro, how we planned for it, prayer, health, family life, work-leisure balance, and scheduling.  Congratulations if you’ve made it through this entire series! I wish I could give you a major award but we’ll all have to settle for imaginary gold stars 😉 We’ve been chatting about systems and changes and trying to thrive […]