Common Spiritual Attacks on Pregnant Mamas

Pregnancy is such a unique time for a woman. There are lots of physical changes and hormonal shifts that can make adjustment difficult. Since pregnancy brings forth new life, the enemy of life so often seeks to rob a woman of her joy and trust in the Lord during this time. The devil frequently weasels […]

Inexplicable Suffering

This week has been somber. The kind of week in which all words fail but at the same time demands to be written. On Monday, a fellow university alum passed away suddenly due to an allergic reaction to bee stings. She was five months pregnant, and her little one was also lost. This woman leaves […]

The Great Unknown

When I look back on my short life, most of the major highlights involved making decisions that I knew would lead me into the great unknown. My college decision, leading a foreign mission, marriage, teaching, motherhood: all were fantastic mysteries to me, and still remain so. The Lord has a wild way of working in […]

Boba Wrap Me in Your Sacred Heart [Guest Post]

This crazy title warrants a bit of a backstory … I went to a small Catholic college called Franciscan University, and while I was a student there, I had the huge blessing of being a part of an amazing household called ‘Stella Mariae’ (households are pretty much like spiritual based fraternities and sororities). When I was […]

George’s Baptism

Yesterday was a memorable day for our little family: D-Train’s first Father’s Day and George’s baptism. Not a bad way to spend the feast of the Holy Trinity on a hot Sunday in June. We are so blessed by loving families on both sides; and tons of family traveled in for the big cleanse, so […]

Stella Maris

One of the very first things that drew me to Haley’s blog was her love for Our Lady, Star of the Sea.  This title and image of Mary is one that lies close to my heart; and seeing that it is a little known title of Our Lady, I was immediately impressed with how much […]

Witnessing Life Itself {or: Why I Don’t Mind When My Students Touch My Belly}

Alright, Olivia, enough with the pregnancy posts already.  I know, you’re sick of hearing about this pregnancy and I’m sick of living it but I have a feeling this kid is coming early (albeit possibly borne more of paranoia and my aforementioned lack of preparedness than actual gut instinct) so hopefully we will all be […]