The Ten Virtues of Mary Series (Giveaway)

Wow, you all. Just wow. I have been absolutely blown away by the beauty that has been this series. When I approached the writers about this topic, I knew they would produce wonderful, well-thought out, and well-written content. What surprised me, however, was just how much these women’s reflections on the ten principal virtues of […]

On Failing at Advent and Needing My Hand to Be Held

Sweet, naive, well-meaning Olivia sat in her junior year college catechetics class daydreaming. As she listened to her professor unfold the beauty of the Christian liturgical year and how it can be celebrated richly in the home, she fantasized¬†about her future life with D-Train and their brood of children and how they would flawlessly celebrate […]

A Request

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it one thousand times: I have the greatest readers on the planet. You all are always so kind, so thoughtful, and so courteous. You make this space what it is. You build this community with your hearts. I could never thank you enough for that. As the Christmas […]

Bl. Pier Giorgio Frassati Quotes

I’ve dished before about why we think Pier Giorgio Frassati is awesome enough to make him the patron saint of our family and name our first-born after him. Even Fr. Robert Barron thinks he’s a baller. Another great thing about Frassati, like all good saints, is that his words have become timeless and immortal, ringing […]

Why We Love Bl. Pier Giorgio Frassati Enough to Name Our Kid and This Blog in His Honor

When I first heard about Pier Giorgio Frassati, I was a sophomore in college. I don’t remember exactly how I heard of him or who told me about him, but I recall being instantly interested in learning more about his life. Initially, I simply loved the fact that he was a young saint, that he […]

The Ten Virtues of Mary

One of the reasons I love the WWW so much is because of the potential for community between people who live far and wide. I find this especially true with our community here. I love hearing from you about your struggles, your desires, and your efforts to live a full life. I love it¬†because I’m […]

5 Reasons You Should Read Blessed is She

By now, I’m sure you’ve all seen a plethora of information about a new daily devotional site for women that seeks to immerse us all deeper into the Word of God, Blessed is She. And for good reason: it’s awesome. Kindled deep in the heart of Jenna, this devotional site has already blossomed and blessed […]