A Recap of the Hundred Event

I’ll be honest and admit that I booked my ticket for the Hundred Event on a total whim. A part of me was swimming in remorse over not being at Edel, and a part of me was itching to be around creatives in my field and to have social interaction. So when I saw four […]

A New Look, Announcements, and Lots of Good Things

– 1 – Whaddya think? ¬†Notice anything different? ūüėČ This little corner of the blogosphere got a pretty amazing makeover thanks to the genius¬†teamwork of Danielle Burkelo and Mary Hess. ¬†I think bloggers are always analyzing the way their¬†blogs look, the vibes they give, etc. ¬†For a long time, I’ve had in the back of […]

Things You Never Knew You Didn’t Want to Know About Yours Truly

Annie, Sarah, and Amanda are some of the sah-weetest human beings to walk the earth, and their sweetness was sweetened (what?) when they tagged me in a fun game where various bloggers answer questions that were chosen for them by other bloggers. ¬†I have had so much fun reading tidbits about bloggers I love to […]

Quick Favorite Reads

¬†Breaking all the rules by linking up with Jen, Hallie, and Cari (who’s filling in for Jessica). ¬†I’m feeling wild. – 1 – School has officially taken ova muh life and I don’t hate it at all but I feel the need to give you an excuse for being such a bad bliggity blogger and […]

Good Clickations

Linking up with the beautiful Iris! Today brings with it cleaning the baseboards, sewing a curtain, and grocery shopping before work with the hope that Dave’s baby brother will decide to come to visit us tonight (c’mon, Joey!). ¬†As my favorite cup of coffee fuels me on, I will leave you with some great links […]

Day Five.

Linking up with Jen because it’s what I do on Fridays, but also cursing her challenge under my breath because I really just want to nap right now after my first full day back into ‘school in-service’ mode but won’t let myself lose to myself… – 1 – I literally just walked in from our […]

Get Your Click On

I’m leaving on a jet plane but I wanted to leave you with some great links because I’ll miss you so! I’m also sure you’ve already seen all of the following but please bear with me in your overwhelming charity. Mary wrote a moving post over at FLAP about the important things in life in […]