An Interview with Connor Flanagan

Hey hey Heights readers! As you know, I’m a sucker for the arts. I love good music, dance, art, literature, and anything that shines¬†forth truth and beauty. During my college years (I feel like that makes me sound old …), I had the privilege of meeting many talented artists who never ceased to amaze me […]

Come Read Along with Us!

We are in a season of life where the way we are doing things needs major adjustment. We successfully completed the total life overhaul, but as a growing infant and shifting school and work schedules would have it, life has adapted to no longer fit the system we had nailed down during the overhaul. So […]

They Have Moms

I looked down at my baby nephew, barely able to sit up on his own, and then panic-glanced over to the small granddaddy longlegs that was slowly making its way toward him. My sister-in-law and I were sitting outside on our in-laws’ porch, watching her baby boy play nearby¬†and talking about my belly-growth as George […]

Stop Trying to Change Your Boyfriend

Like most little girls, growing up, I dreamed of the man I would marry. I imagined what he would look like, where he would be from, what he would like to do for fun, what sports he would play, what his family would be like, and how we would meet. Much like I currently have […]

What We’re Reading – March

March was a pretty chaotic month for us. The first part was spent traveling and gearing up for/attending our local Youth 2000 conference. I taught many an essential oils class and Dave dove into his final push for the semester. A couple of weeks ago, I was left exhausted and in need of a quick […]

Bacon and Bourbon French Toast Casserole

Y’all. Get ready to cry a little bit when you make and taste this gooey, sweet, savory, crunchy, and fluffy maple, bacon and bourbon french toast casserole. While it’s certainly not an everyday treat (it’s really, really not good for you), we love making this for special occasions or for brunch when we have visitors. […]

Calling All Bloggers and Businesses – Now Offering Advertising!

*A special note to my beloved blog readers who couldn’t care less about advertising – feel free to skip this post and we will be back with the usual on Monday! And be confident that I value you so highly that not much is going to change around here, save you being introduced to some […]