It’s Kind of Lonely…

… for a teacher during the summer.  David set off for work this morning when the rooster crowed, then around 7:30 I peeked out the window to find that all our neighbors had already departed for work.  I usually don’t mind some quiet alone time, but after a fabulous weekend packed with quality family time, I am ready to spend another day chatting with this 6-going-on-28 year old little lady cousin of mine:


Last night, we took a break from discussing food, shoes, jewelry, and babies to snap a selfie.

So to temper the sting of solitude, I have the pleasure of e-hanging with the lovely women of Fine Linen and Purple today!  Go on, click on over to check out my first DIY post of the summer.  Hint: it involves minimal cash money and tic-toc-clock time, and you’ll look fabulous in it.  

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