10 Questions Every Parent Has About Curious George

When I was first born, my parents got me a little Curious George stuffed animal, and that became my lovey through my entire childhood. To this day, I still have that stuffed animal (pictured below), and my stuffed George sits happily in my baby George’s crib.

Now, Curious George, the TV show, frequents our Netflix channel because our little curious George absolutely loves a good CG session on our rougher mornings (i.e. after a night of teething) while I steal a moment to shovel eggs and coffee. And I’ll admit, Dave and I enjoy it as well ๐Ÿ˜‰

But the show has some elements of mystery and several unanswered questions that D-Train and I ponder. If you have a little kid who loves them some George in your life, we bet you have the same ones …


  1. How did the Man in the Yellow Hat get George? We know George came from Africa, but whyย did the Man in the Yellow Hat get to bring him home? And why did he want George?
  2. What does the Man in the Yellow Hat do for a living? He’s always running off to meetings and “work”, but what is his job? Whatever it is, it’s earned him a nice apartment in the city and a lovely home in the country, so he’s rolling in the dough.
  3. What do we have to do to get George’s gigs? George somehow gets to go to space, to the Arctic, and under the sea.ย Where do we sign up for that?
  4. Do Professor Wiseman and the Man in the Yellow Hat ever get together? You know it’s true … they’re in secret-love and there is no denying it. But do they ever admit it?! Can the Man in the Yellow Hat find happiness in marriage?!
  5. Why doesn’t George ever get in trouble? Seriously. He is awfully curious with a heavy dash of naughty but continuously escapes punishment. What’s up with that?
  6. Why is Hundley so uptight? I mean, I know he must be dignified because he’s the lobby dog, but his owner isn’t as tightly wound as he; why must Hundley be such a party pooper?
  7. Where has Allie been all along? Some may find her annoying, but I was so happy when Allie Whoops came along. She’s spunky and funny and downright adorable. She and George are a great pair.
  8. Where are Bill’s parents? Bill is everywhere at all times and never has evidence of supervision. Is he allowed to roam wild and free because he’s a Sprout and lives in the country? I need to know more about Bill!
  9. How old is George? Are we talking a toddler, or closer to 7 or 8? He goes to kindergarten with Allie in one episode, but how do monkey years translate?
  10. What is the Man in the Yellow Hat’s name?ย And how have they gone this far without revealing it?

Do your littles watch Curious George? Do you have any burning questions begging to be answered? Add them to the list!


  1. We love Curious George as well!!
    For some reason (in my crazy head) I thought the Man in the Yellow Hat was an archeologist. What? I don’t know.
    Also George doesn’t get in trouble because he’s so cute and has that little wee voice.

  2. The man’s name is Ted. He is a reseacher for the museum. George stole his hat and hid in his suitcase when the man was on a business trip. If you watch the movies they answer most of your questions. We love George around here!!

    • Jennifer Guthro says:

      The movies you speak of are not correct as compared to the original books written before WWII. Originally the Man traps him by using the hat as bait. Plus, he doesn’t keep him. He puts George in the zoo which is the reason he caught him in the first place. There are many things that have been changed to be kid approriate. I guess a pipe smoking chimpanzee isnt as kid friendly as a curious monkey.

  3. The Man in the Yellow Hat is actually Ross Gellar and George’s real name is Marcel.

  4. Oh my gosh! Babar! He’s in the same place in my head as George … but Babar and his world/family was in my heart … Finding out he was made up (real George can’t read this sentence) was the only time I was truly crushed as a child, besides getting a pair of pink underwear thrown out w/o my knowledge right as I was looking forward to wearing them.

  5. The Man with the Yellow Hat was a safari guy I thought? From the original CG books, that’s what I understood. Also, I’m guessing him and Prof Wiseman never get together because in the books the good professor is an old man. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I’m in the Allie-hating camp though, I’ll admit. We only watch seasons 1-4 in our house because after that it gets too frustrating and derailed from the original for us. hah!

  6. I could take or leave George, TMWTYH, Allie, the doorman, and the rest of them. But I LOVE BILL. He’s the best character of all. I can shrug off all the rest, but Bill, to me, is hysterical.
    This was a fun post – I actually let my kids watch C.G. even though I think it’s just so-so because they’ve actually learned a lot from the episodes that are kind of science-y. I’m not about to argue with that since they don’t see me making solar lasagna-cookers and the like in my home ๐Ÿ™‚
    Oh one other thing – I wish it was still narrated by William H Macy, because I love him as much as I love Bill ๐Ÿ™‚
    (I’ve been a reader for a while, but who’d have thought that a C.G. post would prompt me to leave my first comment here! Hi, Olivia! I’m Theresa ๐Ÿ˜‰ )

  7. Haha, this was so fun! I LOVED Curious George so much as a kid! When I was in Boston this past fall one of my favorite places we visited was the Curious George store, so so fun! http://thecuriousgeorgestore.com/

  8. My sister, whose kids watch Curious George, once asked why he doesn’t have a tail. Which is a great question… because he is a monkey, not an ape! I loved reading Curious George as a kid, and I know I have an old CG stuffed animal at my parents’ house somewhere. I need to find him for soon-to-arrive-baby!

    • Got that backwards. Ape have no tails. Monkeys have tails. CG is probably a young chimpanzee a member of the ape family so no tail. Or he is a Barbary macaque which is like the only monkey without a tail.

  9. Olivia I love this! As you know my Max LOVES George! We got him the Complete Adventures of Curious George for his birthday last year and it answers a few of the questions you have. Once your George is older you should get it for him. Max really loves us reading the stories to him. The man in the yellow hat does not have a name in the books and I think he is an archeologist. He found George in Africa and brought him back to the states with him. Professor Wiseman in the books is a man which is probably why the man in the yellow hat and Professor Wiseman in the show don’t get together. Also we love Hundley, he actually reminds me of my dog. I think its a small dog thing being so uptight ; ) We love Bill too, he says some funny stuff! There’s a Curious George movie with Will Ferrell. In the movie they call the man in the yellow hat Ted. Its a cute movie but a little too emotionally intense for little eyes.

  10. Oh my gosh! This post is hilarious! I had the same questions

  11. Haha, this post is hilarious and so great! The movies do fill in some gaps but still so many questions!

  12. lol we love curious george. He’s a toddler in monkey form! It kind of helps me realize that Noah’s not TRYING to get into trouble, he’s just curious…or trying to help lol

  13. Srsly about Prof. Wiseman…we’re all thinking it. This post is great! My husband’s and my running commentary when watching CG with our son is kind of hilarious ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. My husband and I have decided that Professor Wiseman is either a lesbian or she and the Man in the Yellow hat are having a secret, passionate love affair!!!

    • What? Ted and Professor Wiseman never had a love interest — looks like a lot of people didn’t see the movie! The love interest was between Maggie (the teacher who brought her class to the museum on a field trip) and Ted.

  15. Anybody finding their curious george changing positions? I have. From face down to up, from face doen again to climbing onto sofa. Nobody else was there to move him. Love the show though! Hope it’s just my eyes. ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. The man got George when they befriended on a trip to Africa. When the man was leaving George became a stowaway on his ship. They tried living together for a while but the man decided to return him but it turned out someone else wanted to take him and sell him so instead, the man kept George. The man works as one of those people that discovers things to be put in a museum. They get a lot of money for no reason. The man’s name is Ted something. I don’t remember his last name. But most of these questions are answered based on the movie that gave the answers. So. Yeah. Lol, coming from a 17 year old girl that still gets excited whenever Curious George and SpongeBob come on.

  17. Does the stuffed animal George have a tail? would you mind posting another picture of him?

  18. Do you think Bill might be a little racist? He calls George a silly city kid and constantly degrades him. When George’s city friends visit him in the country Bill says they aren’t real city kids…..

  19. Do you notice that there is no Mom or dad for any of the kids?
    Bill- parents never around
    Betsy and Steve – have aunt Margaret
    Allie- has her grandparents.
    Lastly – George! No parents

  20. I also dislike Allie Whoops but I love to watch Curious George and all the other recent episodes that do not have the Allie character in it. All of these questions you have asked are excellent but I think I know the answer about the Man in the Yellow Hat and Professor Wiseman’s relationship, because they’re just friends and because the Professor was originally a man in the books rather than a woman in the show. Well, I remember a child character in Curious George who has a parent and his name is Marco because he has his mother. I am an 18 year old woman and I’ve enjoyed watching Curious George since it first came on 11 years ago on my birthday (being the first of September).

  21. Ted shacklford is a paleontologist/explorer. George like Ted from the get go because he looked like a banana, Bill is adopted by the old farmer and wife I can’t remember their names sadly. Sallie whoops is actually visiting her grandparents cause her mom only her mom is off on a trip. George has no tail because hes a chimpanzee. All the kids have guardians. Huntley I uptight because of his daschund breed. Dachshunds are actually very territorial and uptight about their space as a breed. I don’t know the answers of the rest and most of my answers came from the movie accept Huntley that answer came from my sister she has raised a lot of dachshunds.

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