My New Appendage {a Lily Jade Giveaway}

When I was pregnant with George, I searched high and low, long and hard for a diaper bag that I would be proud to tote once he arrived. I wanted a bag that said “Look, I’m a happy mom carrying my baby and my bag!”, but that also said, “And I’m also really fashion-forward and awesome.”

You know me.

And while David may have implied that I was being overly-picky with my list of diaper bag must-haves, I knew I would only be satisfied with a bag that met the following criteria:

  • Really cute
  • Big, but not too big
  • Lots of pockets for storage
  • Washable
  • Quality material
  • Easy to carry

So despite spousal taunts and 4,000 urgent texts from my mother reminding me that I needed to hurry and choose a diaper bag before my baby shower, I stuck to my list. And I’m super glad I did.


When I  discovered Lily Jade (thanks, Grace!), I quickly realized that their bags meet and exceeded my criteria. They thought of things that never crossed my mind but that I now realize are vital to my sanity. The “diaper” bags are so beautiful on the outside, and they don’t easily give away their true identity. It’s made of quality leather that smells and looks fantastic. On the inside, you’ll find 16 pockets. Sixteen! Dave calls it my Mary Poppins bag because I am able to fit so many things in there! There’s also a changing pad (alleluia, sing to Jesus), a special pocket for nursing covers (which I appreciate greatly because I’m just now starting to be semi-comfortable nursing in public and would be frantic and lost without easy access to my cover), and an entire insert that can be removed. The whole shebang is washable because the designers know what kind of crap can fill a bag quickly.

Pun intended, so intended.

So while this bag serves as an awesome diaper bag, you can remove the insert with all your kiddos’ stuff if you get a chance to galavant without the brood. Ditch the weight of wipes and rattles and just enjoy a light and adorable load 😉

Another great feature of this bag in particular is that it can be carried three ways: on the shoulder, cross-body/long strap, and on your back. This is just one more small detail that makes a world of difference! The back carry is clutch, y’all, especially while shopping or carrying groceries inside.


I had the pleasure of meeting the founders of Lily Jade, Landon and Meggan, at the Hundred Event and they are good people. The kind of people you want to sit and chat with for hours. They solidified my love for these bags and this company even more. Anyway, Meggan told me all about the inspiration behind the business name. Her mother always loved jade, and Meggan told stories about her house being filled with collections of jade. So when she and Landon were brainstorming names for this proprietary diaper bag style, they knew they wanted jade to be incorporated somehow.

Meggan then explained that as a mom, she perceived all moms as women who must be nurturing and comforting, but also valiant and unshakeable. Mothers are called to be soft like a lily and strong like jade. Thus, Lily Jade was born. I love that reflection and description of motherhood; and now when I pick up the bag each morning, I’m reminded of this dual mission of mine.

I never go anywhere without this bag. I might have a conniption if I left the house without it, which I never would because I cannot be separated from it. It is the perfect carrier of all things baby and mama.

Lily Jade is spreading the Christmas spirit early and offering one of you fine folks a chance to win a Madeline in Red Canvas.

Y’all, I can’t encourage you to enter enough. Is it a little dramatic if I say this bag is life-changing? If so, then call me maybe because it is totally life changing.

Enter below with Lord Rafflecopter and I’ll be crossing my other appendages that YOU will be crowned the winner.

Update: It seems that there are some broken links in the entry form, but I’m hesitant to edit it because I don’t want to lose the entries we have! So, just in case, here are the links to Lily Jade’s site, Lily Jade’s Facebook page, Lily Jade’s Instagram, Lily Jade’s Pinterest, my Facebook page, my Instagram, my Twitter, and Bloglovin’. Thanks for being the best readers EVA!

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  1. I want one of these SO bad! That backpack feature is key for being a mom of two right now. I can’t tell you how many times I leave my bag in the car because I can’t carry it and the baby and have a free hand for the toddler lol

  2. This one (the red canvas Madeline) is exactly the one I’ve been pining after! I just need to squeeze it into the budget. But…baby *needs* an awesome diaper bag, right?

  3. My favorite is the Cailin in purple, but I wouldn’t turn any of them down for sure. 😉

  4. Love them all! I was so clueless when registering for a diaper bag, and now I have a not cheap one that I dont love.

  5. Such a great bag! Is it silly if I want one when my baby is already 16 months?! 😉

  6. I want one of these so badly! I love alllllll the pockets for carrying all the new baby (and toddler!) things!

  7. I’ve been drooling over these bags. I’d really love the back pack option ..It looks so much easier when baby wearing…I love the Madeline bags…dream diaper bag for me!

  8. Awesome! I am just beginning my diaper bag research and have a feeling I will be pretty picky, as well. 🙂

  9. I still haven’t pulled the plug on buying one of these even though I think I drool every time I see one! Not quite in the budget for me but wowza, they are so gorgeous! My favorite has to be the Elizabeth in Camel but seriously, every single one is fantastic.

  10. I love all of the bags. I did not know about the insert being washable – total selling point for me! It is just too expensive for me at this time, so I would love to win! The Madeline is a beautiful bag that you rave about, so how can I not pick it as my favorite? Thanks for the chance.

  11. Looked around in the shop, but I do so love the Madeline in red. How did I miss that this bag has the option to convert into a backpack? Love that feature. Thanks for hosting the giveaway, Olivia!

  12. That sounds LOVELY. Sign me up, please!

  13. I love their bags! So unique and different from the ones you see in the stores. I’m totally eyeing the “Madeline in Brandy” bag as well 🙂

  14. The Madeline in Brandy is soooo gorgeous!

  15. Ive been wanting one of these FOREVER! I love the Madeline!

  16. I was reluctant to click on your blog cause I knew reading about it would make me want one! Good thing christmas is around the corner… 🙂

  17. I would love this bag! My current system is lugging around 3 diapers, 2 pairs of socks, and baby Advil in my regular purse. It won’t even zip closed. 🙁 Thanks for the opportunity, Olivia!

  18. LOVE the Sarah Grace, Elizabeth, and Madeline bags! Basically…just love Lily Jade. Thanks for sharing the joy, Olivia!

  19. I love them all and like that I can’t love them and use them without actually having a baby! haha

  20. I love, love, love the Madeline in brandy! But I would be happy with any of their stylish bags!

  21. Yes PLEASE

  22. Love the Elizabeth bag in Camel!

  23. Not afraid to dish for the missus. Bring on the girly bag.

  24. My favorites are the Madeline and Caroline in red!

  25. I love the Madeline in brandy! But now I’m loving that red one! I’ve had this bag on my wish list for almost a year and after trying to get pregnant for a while now, maybe this giveaway will lift my spirits and bring me better luck! Fingers crossed!

  26. Oh that would be a hard decision to make as two bags really caught my eye! I would have to go with either the Caroline in black or the Elizabeth in camel.

  27. Love love love love love!!! Love that red 🙂

  28. I’m seriously IN LOVE With Sarah Grace Gold. Teal is my favorite color, and the inside of this bag meets that. It also looks like a regular bag and not a diaper bag which is essential for me. And the size, its not huge like a lot of bags out there. I haven’t been able to afford one yet, but if I ever do- this would be the bag. I’ve been following Lily Jade for awhile now because I’m in love with their bags!

  29. All are beauitful bags. I like the Elizabath in red. But really all the bags are great.

  30. i have been dying for this same exact bag!! I keep entering giveaways, but still not the lucky winner. I may just have to splurge & order it myself!!

  31. The Elizabeth Red Canvas is my favorite!!! Love the bright color and that it can be worn different ways! The leather accents are awesome too! Just such a cute bag to me!

  32. Soooo want this. Baby numero tres is eight months and I know I’d still use this. Plus red is my favorite color…

  33. I have been pining over the Madeline and Elizabeth in red canvas for months now! Oh how I would love one!

  34. I absolutely adore the Caroline in Brandy bag, it is just perfect!

  35. I love the Madeline!! So hard to choose! I love that you can wash the whole inside! And what a great namesake!

  36. I love when great companies partner for giveaways; I find so many amazing blogs! I love your blog! Your writing is so relatable, and your family is just adorable! Thank you for the opportunity to win!

  37. Susan Blackman Sharp says:

    I love the Elizabeth in Brandy Diaper bag! I love that the diaper part comes out and can be washed! I would love to win one for my niece who just had twin boys on 11/7! Thank you so much!

  38. Oh my goodness I love this bag!! Hope I win this!

  39. I know my wife is a huge fan of the Madeline bag in Brandy.

  40. I really love this bag. With two babies under two, I’m finding it way more necessary to have the backpack option! Thanks for the chance to win one!

  41. Oh my goodness! Such an amazing giveaway. Thank you so much!

  42. This is a great giveaway! As a mom of four kids, this would help me immensely!

  43. I have been wanting a Madeline in red for sooooo long!

  44. This one! And the Caroline in Brandy! =)

  45. I like the Cailin in Royal Purple!

  46. I love all Lily Jade bags! But I especially love how there are three ways to wear this bag!!!

  47. Anna in Gunmetal

  48. I’m so obsessed with these bags and would love one! I keep hinting to my family, but so far no one is listening. The backpack feature and organization section is what really does it for me. Maybe I’ll get lucky one of these days and win one.

  49. i love the caroline in brandy. that would go with everything I own. its such a nice style

  50. I would be happy for any one of these. They are just so adorable. I’m due with my second child February 1st, 2015 so I’m in the marker for one of these, I just don’t know if I could ever bring myself to purchase one on my budget! They are just gorgeous! 🙂

  51. Madeline in red canvas and brandy and Elizabeth in camel are my favorites!! So in love with this bags one day I’ll win one!! 😀

  52. I absolutely love this bag(red is my favorite color). With only 3 weeks until baby#4 arrives (big surprise)we are in a complete panic as my hubby’s car decided to break down, Christmas is right around the corner,and we are just simply broke. This would be amazing, and one less thing to worry about. I love the meaning behind the name. Good luck to all.

  53. Samantha Humphrey says:

    Love these bags!

  54. rebecca andreozzi says:

    i am dying for one of these bags to use with my lil love #ellielucille who we are adopting but as a teacher I just can’t afford one!!

  55. All the bags are SO beautiful, my favorite is Anna in Gunmetal, all though I would be blessed to own ANY of their bags. My husband and I are having our very first child in January, a little girl!!! We’re so very excited and would be very grateful to own a Lily Jade bag! They are just a bit out of our budget. Help a very grateful Military family out!! 😉

  56. Love the Madelines and the Elizabeth in camel! I love them all really! Love all these great giveaways!

  57. I LOVE the Elizabeth bag. I’d considered trading my first born for it! LOL! =)

  58. I think they are such a great bag that I am now a little obsessed with obtaining is because they are gorgeous and so functional.

  59. I would love to win!! I am in desperate need of an organized diaper bag! Win win that it’s also GORGEOUS! Love Lily Jade so much!

  60. The Madeline in any color or fabric is hands down my favorite bag. I WILL have this bag someday.

  61. Who would have thought a diaper bag could be so stylin’??

  62. Rachel Wadsworth says:

    Lily Jade makes gorgeous bags! I would love to have one. 🙂

  63. I crush on those bags sooo much. Particularly Elizabeth in Camel.

  64. Norma Linda Martinez says:

    Caroline! I have an Elizabeth and I love it!

  65. Madeline in red

  66. The Caroline in Brandy! Love at first sight 🙂

  67. I would love to win this for a special mom to be that has had a really hard pregnancy with heart issues but she continues to work hard for her employer and her family as well as keeping her baby cooking for as long as possible.

  68. I love the Madeline bag. Would be awesome to have and my daughter’s name is Madeline as well!

  69. I have been in love with these bags forever! So cute! I love the madeline in brandy 🙂 Beautiful!

  70. shanna Uptergrove says:

    LOVE the Caroline in Red and the Anna in gumetal!!!!

  71. OH MY GOSH OH MY GOSH>>>>The Madeline in red canvas IS my favorite bag!

  72. The Caroline in Brandy! Drool!

  73. These are definitely Mary Poppins bags!

  74. I love camel madeline

  75. The Elizabeth is my favorite. I cant decide whethwr I like the canvas or camel better!

  76. I love the backpack feature of the elizabeth. I also love that the front 2 pockets are magnetic even though they dont look like it. I could go on, and on. And on.

  77. Christina Littlejohn says:

    The Elizabeth has always been my favourite!

  78. fingers crossed!?! This looks just org and I would have never guessed it was a diaper bag!!! Sign me up!

  79. I am 37 weeks pregnant , and these bags haunt me; I want one so badly! My favorite ones are the Elizabeth in Red canvas and the Elizabeth in camel. Thank you for the giveaway! 🙂

  80. Lovely bags! Would looove to win one! 🙂

  81. lovin’ the madeline in brandy!

  82. The Elizabeth in Camel. So beautiful! Love the style, love the pockets, love the leather, love it all.

  83. I would love to win this for my sister! Thank you for the opportunity! I know she LOVES the Elizabeth in red canvas!

  84. Thank you, thank you for sharing the name meaning– I LOVE names! We have 5 daughters, Elbereth, Marigold, Serenity, Philia Sophia and Jubilation. It would be SO AWESOME to have a new diaper bag for our newest missy, Meadowlark Psalm when she arrives in March.

  85. My wife loves the Elizabeth in red canvas. Thanks.

  86. Elizabeth in Camel and Madeline in Brandy

  87. I love the Elizabeth in Camel. It’s kind of sporty like me, dressy, but not overly so. I love that the bags come with a changing pad.

  88. I love the Anna in Black and the Madeline in Brandy! So cute!

  89. I would love to win a beautiful bag from this company, all of the bags are amazing and stylish. I am in love with the Madeline in red! With four kids and saving all our money for an on going home remodel I haven’t been able to afford to splurge on a nice bag so winning one of these would be incredible. I would totally get rid of every purse and diaper bag I own because with these bags you really only need the one which is great!

  90. I live those bags (all of them ) so much, that I participate in every give away. And I know, sooner or later I will Winn one. So why don’t you save save yourself and myself some time and give me one right now! lol. No, I am kidding, better give me two, one for every day use and one for fancy weekends. Thanks :)))

  91. Madeline in Red

  92. I love the Madeline in red! Being a busy mom of 4, I love that this bag is not only stylish, easy to organize 3 different a sets of diapers via their baby bag and my favorite part of all, the backpack option! More arms for me! I’ve been following this company for quite some time now and they are amazingly generous! I love how they honor adoptive parents and their fans! Thanks for this opportunity!

  93. elizabeth!

  94. I love the Elizabeth in Camel. And adore that it can convert to a backpack. All their bags look fantastic and great to use even after the small child stage.

  95. I love the style of the Caroline in Brandy. I’m a fan of all the bags but probably the Caroline the most.

  96. I am so in love with the red leather. Drool

  97. Aww i love this!
    Never knew that’s how they chose the name 😉

  98. I love the Elizabeth in Camel. And the baby bag in general. Before I had a baby, I had an insert like that for my regular handbags so I could easily switch back and forth. I miss that…

  99. soooo hard to pick, I love them all!

  100. These are awesome! I would so love to give one to my expectant sister-in-law!

  101. My fave bag is the Anna in Gunmetal.

  102. So beautiful AND functional. Love the washable insert.

  103. love love love lily jade bags. I like the madeline in brandy. they are so cute and the baby bag is a great idea!

  104. Would love to win one!

  105. My favorite bag is the Madeline in brandy because it is so versatile but I absolutely adore the red too! And I love that the diaper bag insert is machine washable.

  106. I am so in love with these bags. My heart can’t take all the let downs from not winning one. Because definitely can’t afford one right now with two small children. They are beautiful bags!

  107. I want one of these bags so bad. My heart can’t seem to take losing all these give ways and not winning one. I love that you can fit everything in them in a nice organization and not be a fuzzed mom. I just want to have it together.

  108. All of their bags are great but I particularly like the Elizabeth and the Caroline!

  109. My wife loves the madeline in brandy. Thanks.

  110. The Elizabeth in camel is my fav bag of theirs!! The color is perfect and goes with just about everything! I love all the ways you can carry it! And all the pockets to stash everything in is amazing (esp for someone who tends to bring “the kitchen sink” everywhere with her) all in all it’s to die for!!!

  111. Eeek! I love the Caroline in red! Such a beautiful bag

  112. I love the Cailin!

  113. It’s impossible to pick just ONE favorite! I am LOVING the Madeline in Red and/or Brandy, and the Elizabeth in Camel! So gorgeous!

  114. The Madeline in Brandy is oh so pretty!

  115. Love Elizabeth in camel!

  116. Mmm, I have had my eye on one of these Lily Jade bags for a while now…red is my absolute favorite color <3

  117. I like the Caroline in Brandy.

  118. I absolutely love these bags! The Cailin is on my most wanted list. The purple color is gorgeous and paired with the brown detail, I seriously would love love that bag!

  119. Nothing like an amazing diaper bag to be your everyday friend 🙂

  120. I LOVE the lily jade bags. My favorite is Elizabeth in brandy, but I’d be thrilled with any.

  121. Just

  122. My heart’s desire is Cailin in royal purple or Elizabeth in camel!! I would take any of them however 😉 Ever since I’ve set my eyes on one I’ve had my heart set on one ❤️ Soooo pretty and soooo nifty and sooooo perfect for me ^_^

  123. I consider it fate that I’m sitting here, pregnant with #3, drooling over Madeline in Brandy, when I happen to see the link to this giveaway in my newsfeed.

  124. Awesome giveaway! I love the Madeline and Elizabeth.

  125. Stefanie Culbertson says:

    Truly beautiful and versatile bag!

  126. I keep hoping for one of these bags for Christmas! My favorites are the Madeline and the Elizabeth.

  127. I absolutely love these bags and have had my heart set on one every since I saw them on @BabyGuyNYC ‘s Facebook page. My husband and I are adopting a little boy in January, and I need supplies! Thanks for hosting a giveaway; I’m crossing my fingers!

  128. Such a gorgeous bag! I used the same tired old diaper bag for my first three babies. I feel like #4 warrants a new one, you know? 🙂

  129. I love the Madeline in Brandy! I love the size, the option to become a cross body bag or a back back and the baby bag inside! The baby bag is GENIUS! Fingers crossed!

  130. Have loved seeing these bags… and after basically lusting after them for months, it would be awesome to have one! I love the baby bag insert. I hate having to switch my personal necessities from a diaper bag to a purse all the time.

  131. Madeline in Brandy for SURE!

  132. Beautiful bag!

  133. my favorite is the madeline in black.somethin i dont have to worry about getting in the way when in chasing around my two year old while holding my 2 month old,and its so classy and chic!

  134. Gabriela Escalante says:

    Elizabeth in brandy is the one I loooooove! It looks so good, stylish and super versatile with plenty of pockets in the baby bag to store baby stuff!!

  135. I’m seriously in love with the Elizabeth in Camel. It’s a ridiculous amount of gorgeous, yet versatile with the back pack straps and don’t even get me started on the storage!!!

  136. Would love the Madelyn to match my name!

  137. I love the Madeline in red canvas 🙂 its so gorgeous and functional! Love that it can be worn so many ways and how much storage it has!

  138. I love the Elizabeth bag!

  139. My current diaper bag is a mess, broken zippers and zipper pulls, a changing mat that is too big to fit in the bag, and a huge area that everything gets lost in. Lily Jade makes such great bags with organization that I can use. I keep hoping I’ll win one or be given one some day!

  140. I love them all but I think the Caroline is my favorite

  141. The back pack feature along with the insert make these bags to die for. I’d love to tote the Madeline in red or brandy!

  142. ELizabeth in Carmel

  143. These bags are perfect. I love the Anna in black and especially how you can take out the “baby bag” insert. A must have for my boy coming this month!!!

  144. Jennifer Kreisler says:

    I can’t believe anyone even could think that there is any better bag than the Elizabeth in Camel! I was in love with it since I 1st saw it.

  145. I love the Madeline in brandy! Lily Jade bags are just so practical for moms.

  146. I like, but could not afford, the Elizabeth in Camel- to be able to wear it as a backpack and be hands-free would be awesome.

  147. I love the Madeline in brandy. Such a rich color!

  148. this is the bag I’ve been searching for all my life!

  149. Love the backpack feature!

  150. Madeline Black

  151. I’m digging the Elizabeth Red Canvas!

  152. Madeline in red and Elizabeth in camel are my favorites. I need all those pockets!!!

  153. I have been dying to score one of these bags. With 3 littles a backpack is a must! I love them all, but Elizabeth red canvas is my favorite.

  154. My absolute favorite bag is the Elizabeth in Camel!! It would make the perfect diaper bag/purse crossover bag!! This is definitely on my Christmas wish list!!!! LOVE!!!

  155. The backpack feature will come in handy when my twins are born! And though the Elizabeth in camel is my favorite, red goes with everything!

  156. Anna in Black is my all time favorite Lily Jade bag!!!

  157. I’ve been wanting a Lily Jade bag From the time I found out about them, just can’t afford one. It would be amazing to win, thanks for the chance!

  158. I have been in love with Lily Jade for so long! I will have one of these amazing bags one day!!!

  159. Madeline black

  160. I like the Elizabeth in camel.

  161. Caroline in brandy is my favorite.

  162. I dream of owning my own Lily Jade bag one day. Seriously, such a dream bag!!!

  163. I really like the Madeline in Brandy. I could never pay that much for a diaper bag, but maybe a rich distant relative benefactor will buy me one for our next baby… or just finally win one of these giveaways. 😉

  164. I love the elizabeth bag in red canvas

  165. Absolutely Love Lily Jade diaper bags! All of them. They are versatile, and don’t have that diaper bag look!

  166. I really love the Madeleine in Red. These bags are really beautiful. I love that you can carry it on your back, hands free. It has so much room, and I hope to purchase one soon.

  167. I just absolutely love the Elizabeth bag in Camel!! They are all so gorgeous! Finally a diaper bag that doesn’t look like one!

  168. Do I have to choose just one?!

  169. I am so in love with these bags! My favorite is the Caroline in Brandy but they are ALL gorgeous. I’m expecting my very first and have struggled to find a diaper bag that doesn’t just scream “MOM!” Most of the prints/materials I’ve seen are so tacky. These Lily Jade bags are perfect!

  170. Id love to follow you on instagram but it says youre private!

  171. Dreaming about the Caroline in brandy….

  172. Caroline in RED or maybe Madeline in black…they are all beautiful!!

  173. I only wish I learned about Lily Jade before I chose my diaper bag, and now I’m working on selling my bag to try and buy a Sarah Grace Gold or Madeline. If I bought another diaper bag, my husband would probably divorce me. j/k maybe…lol Because I’m a working mom, I am always switching my personal stuff from diaper bag to a backpack to take on the train with me. So annoying and there’s always a chance I’ll forget something. Something I’ve done, didn’t need that train pass did ya?! This would solve that issue forever.

  174. Their bags are ridiculously hard to choose from. I love them all. I love the Elizabeth in Camel…Cailin in purple would be amazing for my Jamberry stuff. Every time I go to their page I change my mind what I would choose. it’s TOUGH.

  175. I am utterly in love with the Madeline bag! Its so amazing. I think I’d choose brandy. I heart Lily Jade!

  176. All the bags are gorgeous. I love the Elizabeth in Camel. The versatility of the bags are great. So smart that they can used as a diaper bag, backpack and can be used as going out bag without the “baby bag” insert. As a mom it is hard to get things for myself. I love that this is for me, but has double duty. Thanks for a great giveaway.

  177. I like Elizabeth in Camel, but really I’d love to have any of them!

  178. The Elizabeth in red canvas. Le sigh.

  179. The Madeline & the Caroline are my favorite bags. I love both of them in Red and Brandy !! Beautiful and the perfect bag to keep me organized when my little man gets here in 3 more weeks !!

  180. I love all of the Lily Jade bags but my absolute fave is the Elizabeth bags.

  181. I love the Anna in Black!

  182. I can’t decide if I love the Caroline In Red or the Anna In Gunmetal more! Both are so classically fashionable and beautifully bold in color and style! No one would guess either bag is hiding all that incredible functionality in such a pretty package! My favorite part of both is how essentially useful they’d be for a mom-on-the-go like me! They would save me time by keeping me organized, while allowing a “pop out” of my can’t-live-without items for minimizing or quick transfer to a different holder, in the removable washable inner bag, a worry relief for sure! Oh, how I need one of these beauties in my life!

  183. I am in love with this bag! <3

  184. I usually don’t say this, but I honestly love every bag available!!! They are so gorgeous and the baby bag insert is ingenious!

  185. I need a Madeline…Wishing xx

  186. Madeline in Red Canvas is goorgeous I also love Elizabeth in Camel but let’s be honest there’s not 1 I don’t love!

  187. Elizabeth in Red Canvas… spectacular

  188. I love the madeline in brandy!

  189. I’ve been heart eyeing the elizabeth in red canvas for awhile now…But the madeline is definitely a beauty!

  190. i like the MADELINE IN BRANDY

  191. Gosh, I love these bags! I’m still sporting the same diaper bag I used with my first 8 (!!) years ago and I’m in dire need of a new one. The Madeline is my favorite.

  192. Anna in black or Elizabeth in red canvas are my favorites!! I’d love to win of these beautiful bags!!!

  193. I love them all! I have been thinking about treating myself to one for months now. I now have 2 babies living out of my diaper bag and would love to upgrade to one of these beauties! 😉

  194. Love these bags. Would be happy with any of them!

  195. Would love to win one of these bags!

  196. Every time I go browse their website, I end up with a new favorite. I just can’t choose. But I am DYING to have one of their bags

  197. Caroline in Brandy! They are so darn cute!

  198. Elizabeth in Camel

  199. I love the Madeline in black!

  200. I love this one and also Madeline in Brandy

  201. Would love one of these bags! Any of them! They are gorgeous!

  202. Would absolutely LOVE this! 🙂

  203. The Cailin Royal Purple bag is gorgeous!

  204. Deborah Gardner says:

    I would like the Caroline bag in Brandy!

  205. I love the pockets on the Elizabeth in Camel!

  206. Elizabeth in Camel, please!

  207. Beautiful bags! I love the Caroline in Black. I’m currently using an old back pack as a diaper bag, since my other one broke!

  208. So I was just now able to access those links that were broken does my first entery not count since I couldnt a access the others?

  209. Fingers crossed!

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