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25 September 2011

With all the Facebook statuses from my collegiate friends about studying for finals, cramming in the concluding assignments, and pleasantly attending their last classes ever, I’ve been reminiscing about our good ol’ times polishing papers and studying for long hours, throwing elbows left and right in order to claim the best study spots on campus…  Sigh.

Meanwhile, the school year is winding down for yours truly as well, so the work load is picking up quite a bit.  Since my creativity is thus drained as dry as ? (see, can’t come up with anything), I’ll leave you with these finer and more satisfying glimmers of goodness:

I’ve been on a big jewelry kick lately, and have been drooling over this season’s accessories.  So when I saw the fruits of Martha’s Target run, I was tempted to drive fifteen miles out of my way after school today in order to copy-cat her finds.  I still might.  The night is young.

I did, however, give in to this awesome deal offered to the world by Natalie and Carri.  The discount is so ridiculous that I just couldn’t resist this necklace.

More winners from Simon.  I laughed out loud all by myself.  Nuff said.

I cannot wait to try Katie’s healthy chicken fingers.  Considering Dave and I could eat our weight in the fingers from Buffalo Wild Wings, I am beyond grateful for this won’t-clog-your-arteries option.

You’ve probably already read this post from Ashley, but if not, you must read!  Even if you have encountered it, read it again.  Hilarious.

Hope your Tuesday was swell!

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