Common Spiritual Attacks on Pregnant Mamas

Pregnancy is such a unique time for a woman. There are lots of physical changes and hormonal shifts that can make adjustment difficult.

Since pregnancy brings forth new life, the enemy of life so often seeks to rob a woman of her joy and trust in the Lord during this time. The devil frequently weasels his way into our natural worries during pregnancy and amplifies them to the point where we become paralyzed by fear and doubt. But we are not meant to succumb to these spiritual attacks.

Today, I’m over at Ignitum Today discussing the six most common spiritual attacks on the expectant mother and what she can do to overcome them. So go on, have a little looksie 😉



  1. Just ate this one up. I have found these attacks to be just as prominent in motherhood as well. It is so helpful to see them in writing and be reminded where thoughts like these come from. Thank you

  2. olabisi victoria Hughes says:

    I am in the 12th mnth and anytime i get to the hospital i will feel empty and the doc cannot see the baby but as i step out of the hospital the baby starts moving normally. Kindly join faith with me in prayers.
    God bless you.

  3. I can say being pregnant you think you’d be safe and unharm because of a new life., but the fact is your more vulnerable abd the enemy will try to attack you.
    Have faith in the Lord for he will guide you. I was attacked by thoughts about hate concerning my baby. The devil is real you have to have faith

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