The Great Unknown

When I look back on my short life, most of the major highlights involved making decisions that I knew would lead me into the great unknown.

My college decision, leading a foreign mission, marriage, teaching, motherhood: all were fantastic mysteries to me, and still remain so. The Lord has a wild way of working in this way, of asking me to take Him by the hand and just go.


Today, I have the pleasure of posting on this topic over at Raising Barnes. You can read more about the adventure of the unknown, and what I call “the grace of cluelessness”, over at Emily’s place!


  1. I recently moved almost two hours from the place I lived my whole life and made a career decision that totally leaves my future in the hands of God. It’s funny, though, that we “think” we’re in control when we never really are. God’s grace abides in “holy cluelessness” because if we knew what that next step involved we’d probably never take it. Great post!

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