I remember, during our engagement, there were certain milestones/events that made the upcoming nuptials feel closer, more real.  Things like starting marriage prep classes, taking NFP classes, bridal showers, and apartment hunting.

In the same way, there have been certain milestones during this pregnancy that have helped it all sink in as time goes on: ultrasounds, naming the babe, and most recently, the baby shower.

This past weekend, my aunts threw us an incredible baby shower.  I’m always super humbled when showers are thrown for me because 1) I feel highly undeserving, and 2) I know how much hard work goes into planning a shower, and the fact that people spend that kind of time, money, and energy on me is quite an honor.

The decor and food at the shower deserve a post of their own because it was all so. cute.  But I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves…


Cupcake Tower

My aunt makes the best cake/cupcakes in the world. I’m not kidding. They are in high demand around these parts and let it be known that you would melt as the deliciousness melted in your mouth.

Shower Punch


The cuties on the left are my little cousins who helped me open the gifts 🙂

Both sides of my fam bam plus my sister-in-law came in to celebrate, as well as my best friends/MOHs.  Add in some wonderful friends from this grand city and we had quite a party!


The bests. Also, there actually six people in this photo. I’ll let you figure it out 😉

Baby Shower Collage

um, when did this kid get huge?

Baby Shower Collage 2

my beautiful sister-in-law and my dearest friend, brittany


my most-lovely mama.

Everyone was generous beyond measure and the Nugget is so, so set.  Isn’t it amazing how much rest it can bring to a pregnant woman’s heart to have little necessities taken care of?  At the end of the shower, I was chatting with Kaitlin and Christina and breathed a big sigh of relief.  I feel so much more ready now in the material sense.  Super comforting.

The rest of the weekend was spent with the girls and it was so very good for the soul.  I read Cari’s post about holy friendships today and it just resonated so loudly with the gift I’ve been given in the women I’ve been blessed to know.  It helps me treasure my time with these women and to relish every bit of it!

This weekend left a big smile on my face because of all the love.  This baby is already so adored and there are so many people anxiously awaiting his arrival.  So you’ve got ten-ish more weeks, baby boy.  Keep growing and get your tooshie here safe and sound 🙂


  1. Don’t you just feel so humbled by everyone’s generosity? Showers are an amazing rite of passage. Your dress is fabulous!

  2. You are so adorable and that shower… the food! It looks so good. And I love your dress. I actually kind of hate having showers thrown for me. I feel so awkward being gawked at and getting so many things (and I won’t go into just how badly I hate 90% of shower games). BUT it is so humbling (maybe more so since I don’t like them as much? hah). And of course its nice to walk away with all those goodies! I had THREE showers when I was pregnant with Michael (due to our families living in different towns) and I swear I still have some things with tags on them. It was such an amazing blessing.

  3. Such a beautiful shower! Just as everyone guessed it, you make a BEAUTIFUL pregnant lady. Wrap dresses. So in right now, you stylish minx, you!

  4. 🙂

  5. romancingreilly says:

    A few things: 1. Loved seeing all the pictures (the ducks in the punch bowl? The BEST) 2. You are radiant in every. single. picture. 3. SO happy to see that bump! Keep the pictures coming!

  6. stahp.

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